Local Dinner

Tonight’s dinner is a celebration of local food. We are having:

Chicken (cooked in the crockpot from a delicious looking recipe from the menu mailer) Russian Beet Salad ( recipe from Nourishing Traditions) Sauteed Beet and collard greens Sourdough bread Raw milk and/or Kombucha The Chicken comes from my friend JLB’s little farm and Joe […]

Should You Eat Liver?

Joe came home from work yesterday and told me that the man that he works with warned us that we shouldn’t be eating liver. He says that the liver is where all of the bodies toxins end up. Hmmm. My own research has not shown me that we shouldn’t be eating liver. Quite the […]

Cream of Vegetable Soup

Last night’s dinner was not what I would normally make during the summer. But Joe asked me during menu planning time if I could plan something that uses broth. I make a batch of broth every week but Joe rarely has any of it. The children and I tend to have broth style meals […]

First Azure Order!

I am so excited! Our first order for our new Co-Op arrived yesterday! Our wonderful coordinator planned for us to meet up today at my house (there are only three of us in the group so far- If you are in Wyoming, join us!) Doesn’t my food look wonderful?! So let me tell you […]

Beans and Greens

I have been spending quite a bit of time in my new kitchen. It is wonderful to have a full size kitchen after cooking for so long in a camp trailer and I have been having a great time trying new cultures, ferments and just regular whole food meals. Tonight’s dinner is simple food […]

Still Taking Baby Steps

I mentioned a few weeks ago that we have been on a quest to switch over to Whole/Traditional/Real Foods for a while and are slowly making our transitions. I’m pretty pleased with how things are coming along. In that post I mentioned that I had a few things going (sourdough starter, expecting a Kombucha Mother, […]

Food to go

I’m cooking up a storm this morning. We are leaving when Joe gets home from work to make our sprint to Oregon and back. We have been working so hard on improving our diet that both Joe and I are concerned about the food that we might encounter on this weekend not to mention […]