Food Thoughts and Budget Results

I have been tracking what we spend on food during the month of October. I was inspired partly to do this by Jenny at the Nourished Kitchen and her Food Stamp Challenge. For the month of October, Jenny has been feeding her family of 3 on $227 shopping only at places that accept food stamp […]

Almost Take Out

Last week I wanted to do an easy dinner that wouldn’t require much hands on since I planned to be working at the same time (I work from home as a bookkeeper). I decided on a Chinese Take Out inspired dinner. “Egg Flower” Soup and Fried Rice. The basis of the soup is my […]

Tuesday Twister October 27


More fun in the kitchen this week. Most of the results have been favorable. I have really been enjoying the ability to be creative in the kitchen with my experiments. It is especially satisfying when my husband tells me how good something turned out.

I am still been working on my water kefir. The […]

Menu Week of October 26 and Budget Recap

I have been tracking what we spend on food during the month of October. As of last Sunday we had spent $439 on food for October. This week we added $173, for a new total of $612.

This week was pretty high for one main reason. It was my birthday over the weekend and on […]

Antelope Stew

We have quite a bit of antelope stew meat. I love the taste of the antelope it is a little like venison and a little like elk but quite definitely it’s own flavor. GNOWFGLINS is hosting a Gallery of Soups this Friday. My contribution is Antelope Stew, I’m sure that if you do not have […]

Tuesday Twister October 20


We had weather that actually resembled autumn last week after having winter weather the week before. I love cooking fall style foods. As usual though my camera didn’t visit me in the kitchen as much as it should have. There were a few things that I wish I would have taken a picture of […]

Menu Week of October 19 and Budget Recap

I’m taking a hard look at what we spend on food during the month of October. As of last Sunday we had spent $356 on food. I added $83. $61 of that was at Alberts*n’s and $22 was for burgers while we were out and about on Saturday. That will bring our new total for […]

Design a Muffin

I love a good muffin!

And I love having an easy and adaptable recipe that I can rely on.

A book that I have enjoyed for years is The Complete Tightwad Gazette by Amy Dacyczyn. In The Complete Tightwad Gazette (Amazon affiliate link- this post may contain additional affiliate links) the author shares an […]

Tuesday Twister October 13


We had a pretty good food week last week. I tried a few new things that we really enjoyed. Wednesday night we had breakfast for dinner. My girls love crepes. For the filling I combined homemade cream cheese (yogurt that the whey has dripped out of) and kefir cheese (2 parts cream cheese to […]