Lemon Poppy Seed Cake Made With Sprouted Flour

Christopher had his first birthday yesterday. I wanted to make him a cake that I wouldn’t feel ‘bad’ about feeding him. I’m not much of a baker so making a cake is a bit of challenge even with a proven recipe. You would think I would just find a recipe ‘good enough’ and be […]

>A Testimony to Real Food and An Invitation

>With the New Year fast approaching many people are putting together their list of New Year’s Resolutions. These lists often include things like lose weight, exercise more, and get out of debt. I don’t plan to make any official resolutions this year (or have I in recent years) but I do plan to continue on […]

>Tuesday Twister December 29


Ah, Christmas week. Sadly, I do not have any pictures to show you of our Christmas meals. We had a wonderful day though and ate well. Especially, our dinner of grass fed beef steaks. YUM.

If you have read here much you know that I sometimes experiment with organ meats. Last night was […]

>December Food- Take 4

>This is a recap of food purchased (or otherwise acquired) for the past week.

This week I payed my cow share. We contribute to the room and board for a couple of Brown Swiss cows and in exchange for that we get one gallon of raw milk per week. Our monthly fee for this is […]

>Menu Week of December 28

>We try to eat Real Food. What does that mean to me? Our foods should be whole, unprocessed and nutrient dense. We still have a long ways to go before we are eating an optimum Real Food diet. With the New Year fast approaching it seems like a good time to buckle down in our […]

>Last Minute Links


Do you need some last minute Real Food recipes for your Christmas Festivities?


Wardeh’s Gallery of Christmas Cookies (16 cookie recipes from various Real Food bloggers)

Kimi’s Scottish Shortbread Cookies(with links to other cookie recipes including Gingerbread Men)

Cinnamon Molasses Cookies from the Nourished Kitchen


Pinwheel Cresents from Kelly the Kitchen Kop


Sourdough Pita Bread

I know that two days before Christmas I should be sharing something Christmas related with you. But I made these Pita Pockets last week and they were so good I can’t wait to tell you about them. How about I spin them to you as a great bread option for your Christmas turkey leftovers? […]

>Tuesday Twister December 22


It was a busy kitchen week. I didn’t plan it that way but it did end up that way. And I anticipate another busy week this week.My friend JLB gave me some antelope. I attempted jerky. It turned out okay but I think I can improve it next time. The flavor is not bad […]

>December Food- Take 3

>This is the recap of food purchased for the past week. The big thing was my Azure Standard order arrived. Yippee!

What I ordered:

25 pounds of Hard Red Wheat 10 pounds Frozen Strawberries (not pictured)

Toasted Sesame Oil 5 pounds Bulgar 1 pound Cinnamon Sea Salt Fermented Cod Liver/Butter Oil (Cinnamon […]

>Menu Week of December 21

>We try to eat Real Food. What does that mean to me? Our foods should be whole, unprocessed and nutrient dense. Some days we do better than others at accomplishing this goal. The tin of cookies, the tin of fudge and the plate of homemade candies that arrived at our house this past week produced […]

Wonderfully Tart Grapefruit Marmalade

Last winter we lived in Northern California (after our house in Oregon sold but before we could move to our land in Wyoming) and we had access to an amazing array of different fruits. Joe’s parents had a grapefruit tree and to be honest we ended up with grapefruit running out our ears. This […]

Meat Potpie

I have mentioned in a previous post that one of the things I often do is prepare a meal that can be remade into future meals. Such as making a roast one night, the next night taking the leftover roast and making a casserole, and possibly the third night making a stew. This week on […]

Special Occasion Fish Chowder

This rich and delicious Fish Chowder is super easy to make and uses nutrient dense fish stock as the base. I make my fish stock in my usual method out of trout carcasses that I stash in the freezer. We love our fishing trips that allow us to keep the freezer stocked! Once the broth […]

Tuesday Twister December 15


I had a very good kitchen week and made a few new things plus alot of our standby foods like sourdough, yogurt, kefir, kombucha, etc, etc. This was so yummy. Russian Beet Salad based on the recipe from Nourishing Traditions but tweaked a bit to accommodate ingredients I had on hand. The beets are […]

December Food- Take 2


I’ve added to our food spending for the month of December. The picture below shows some of the items from one store stop. I actually forgot to get a picture until everything was already put away so I grabbed out what I could remember. Total spent that day was $30.63 that wasn’t all for […]