Menu Week of June 27

This week I am going to sort of be winging it. Joe is on vacation and we plan to do a few day trips of some sort which leads me not really sure what each day will bring. My meal plan for the week will be rather loose.

To help me with meals I cooked […]

June Food Spending Part 3- Finished

I have wrapped up my spending for June. It is only June 24 but my husbands pay period runs from the 23 of each month until the 22 of the next month so I go off of that. For the month I had $505. I divided that up between Azure Standard, Beef CSA, Cow share, […]

Menu Week of June 20

So… it’s Tuesday and I am finally getting around to my meal plan for the week. Sunday was just very busy and Monday I had internet issues and today I have computer issues. Now I’m on my daughters computer and we are having a rain storm. I figured now is a good time to briefly […]

Sourdough Flatbread

I often post about different recipes and uses for my sourdough starter. You might be thinking that I have a sourdough obsession. You might be right. I think I do. I have a goal to someday produce only naturally leavened baked goods.

This weeks sourdough experiment was Flatbread (also called Naan) to go along […]

Tuesday Twister June 15

Are you participating in Tuesday Twister? Wardeh listed 5 Reasons to Do the Tuesday Twister, I would add that it is a fun way to keep track. I love looking back and seeing what kitchen experiments I’ve been working on and what was a hit and what was a miss. I want to start […]

Menu Week of June 13

The theme for this past week has been rain, rain and more rain. And chilly. So chilly we have been running our pellet stove. I think yesterday was a high of 42. BRRRR.

Menu planning is so helpful to me. For the past 8 or 9 months I had been planning a month of meals […]

Sourdough Pockets

I’ve been looking for lunch ideas for Joe. During the summer he takes a lunch and last summer was pretty sad with peanut butter sandwiches more often than I care to admit. Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon, has some lunch box suggestions. One of those was Empanadas. I used that idea to create a rather […]

June Food Spending Part 2

I’ve been keeping track of our food spending for the month. Our month actually runs from May 23 to June 22 to coincide with my husband’s payday. I started the month with $505 and a fairly well stocked freezer and an okay pantry.

I planned to spend the $505 in this way;

Cow Share: $54 […]

Tuesday Twister June 8

It is getting late on Tuesday but I still want to get in my Tuesday Twister. Each week, Wardeh at gnowfglins holds the Tuesday Twister Blog Carnival. I love seeing what people have been working on in other real food kitchens.

This week, I made a double batch of my usual Sourdough Bread which would […]

Menu Week of June 6

I am amazed at how fast this year is going. June already. The girls are out of school. The weather has went from snowy just a few weeks ago to warm and almost summerlike. I think we may have skipped over spring. We’ve been working in the garden and tending to chickens. Even with the […]

Lamb with Spicy Lemons

Over Thanksgiving weekend last year, Joe’s aunt from California came to visit. She brought with her some citrus fruit from various family trees. Including a rather large amount of little lemons.

I turned a half gallon worth of lemons into Spicy Lemons from a recipe in Nourished Kitchen’s Get Cultured (this book is very good […]

Tuesday Twister June 1

Tuesday’s are the time that I recap what has been Twisting in my kitchen the previous week. Wardeh at gnowfglins is our wonderful hostess for this Carnival.

I’m a little low on pictures this week. I took a few but for some reason they all turned out blurry. So I’ll tell you about a […]