July Food Spending

Whew. What a budget busting month this was! Our spending plan goes from the 23rd of the month to the 22nd of the following month so today is the end of my July Budget. I had planned on spending $415 for the month on food divided between Azure Standard, Cow share, Beef CSA, grocery store […]

Menu Week of July 25

I can hardly believe that it is the last week of July. This summer is just zooming by. Today is quite hot at 95 and with zero breeze. We have wind most days here so it is rare to have nothing and not so good when it is this hot. And of course, I have […]

Menu Week of July 18

Tuesday and I am finally getting my menu for the week posted. I am having such a hard time getting any blog posts up lately. Yes, it is summer and it is busy here but the biggest problem is my mind seems to be going in fifty different directions all the time and my follow […]

Tuesday Twister July 13

This summer has been a busy time. We have still been eating of course but most of our meals have been very simple and repetitive with me just doing the basics in the kitchen each day/week. I’ll catch up you up on a few things that have been going on.

We have been spending alot […]

Menu Week of July 11

This week should be quiet yet busy at the same time. Kiki and Lulu are gone for the week which makes it quiet. And Kiki and Lulu are gone for the week which makes it busy. It is so nice having teens around to help out with things. They will be back on Sunday so […]

Menu Week of July 4

After a wonderful vacation week last week, Joe went back to work this morning. Sometimes I wish every week could be vacation but ‘he who does not work, does not eat’ and you know we like to eat (and have a house to live in and a car to drive and etc, etc). Last week, […]

Food Spending Plan and Budget for July

So far this month is looking very unorganized. Our spending plan runs from June 23 to July 22 to coincide with Joe’s once a month paydays. Last month we planned on $505 for the month to be divided up between Azure Standard, Cow share, Beef CSA, grocery store and dining out. We ended up going […]