Menu Week of August 29

Hard to believe that it is the last week of August. We are adjusting our new schedules. Our day looks something like this. Kiki is up at 5AM to get ready for school. I make her a quick and easy breakfast which is usually toast. She doesn’t care much for breakfast that early and has […]

September Food Spending- Take 1

My budget for the month of September is $490 divided between Cow share ($54), Beef CSA ($50), Azure Standard ($135.23), Dining Out ($50) and Grocery Store ($200.77). I say the budget is for the month of September but it actually coincides with my husband’s once monthly pay day so starts on August 23 and ends […]

August Budget Wrap-Up and September Budget Plan

If you’ve been following along, my food budget for August was $550 (our budget coincides with my husband’s once a month pay day and runs from the 23rd to the 22nd of each month). That budget plan went kaboom. My last post I was over by $17.74 but we spent a little more after that […]

Nectarines, Nectarines and More Nectarines

I ordered 40 pound of nectarines from Azure Standard this month. When I ordered them it didn’t sound like very much (I actually thought of ordering 60 pounds) but when I got them and they were staring at me from their good sized boxes 40 pounds was more than enough.

I have only canned conventionally […]

Menu Week of August 22

Our new schedule went pretty good last week. Our mornings sure do start early. Kiki and Joe have both agreed to take packed lunches with them this year so I’m working on figuring out good portable lunches for them that will be somewhat nutrient dense and still economical. I made a batch of Sourdough […]

August Food Spending- Part 2

Well… We are coming up to the end of our spending month and have definitely came to end the end of our grocery budget in fact we are now a smidgen over. Our budget for the month was $550 and as of August 11 we had spent $539.94 of that amount leaving a whopping $10.06 […]

Menu Week of August 15

School will be starting for Joe (he works for the school district) and Kiki this week. Lulu is doing online school from home this year. So starting Wednesday our days get longer. Kiki has to be on the school bus at 6:30AM. She will get up at 5 to begin the preparations that a 15 […]

Planning Ahead

As I was waking up this morning Joe had the TV on and the first thing I heard was about how bad the economy still is and how it is predicted to get worse. We haven’t been directly affected by the economy but I know many, many have and I do think about it. […]

August Food Spending

For the month of August (my ‘month’ actually goes from July 23 to August 22 to coincide with my husband’s once a month pay schedule) my grocery budget is $550.00.

So far we had spent $323.51 of our allotted $550 for this month. Since then here is what we have added:

Beef CSA- $50 (This […]

Menu Week of August 8

The end of ‘summer’ is upon us. Kiki will go back to school next week and Joe will be on his school time schedule of 10:30AM to 7PM. Lulu will be taking a virtual school this year (online school) so she’ll be home with me and Christopher each day.

I’m going to be majorly lazy […]

Stuffed Peppers

At the farmers market the other night, there were cute little green peppers. One of my husband’s favorite meals is Stuffed Peppers. They are such a delicious and easy meal to make I thought I’d share them with you.

I make my stuffed peppers like little meatloaves cooked in pepper. The meat cooking in the […]

Food Spending Plan and Budget for August

It is looking like another unorganized month for my Budget. I’m adjusting to having two more people in the house since my oldest daughter and her SO are here. Plus I have not been doing my job of meal planning like I know I should and I do notice that reflected in our spending. Our […]

Menu Week of August 1

We snuck away Friday for a one night camping trip. It was great. The spot we went was a small six site campground in a national forest just a little under 2 hours from here. The weather was iffy when we got up there with rain but it cleared up. There was a creek running […]