Last Weeks Meals and This Weeks Plan

I’m finally getting around to post what we actually ate last week. My internet was down for the entire weekend (not fun at all when I usually work my bookkeeping job-over the internet- on the weekends). We also had quite a busy weekend processing a big batch of chickens. It took us both Saturday and […]

A Week Without a Menu Plan

I thought I’d do something a bit different this week. Instead of posting my Menu Plan, I’ll tell you what we’ve eaten after the fact. Why you ask? Because I’ve been super unorganized and haven’t really put together a menu plan for the week. And I’m feeling mostly okay with that- not completely okay but […]

Menu Week of September 12

Almost halfway through September already. Where does the time go? I remember reading once that time seems to go faster as we age. Soon I’m sure my years will just be zipping by. We are somewhat into our routines here. Kiki attending public school and now also involved in the school play. She catches the […]

September Food Spending- Take 2

My food budget for September is $490 (my budget for September actually runs from August 23 to September 22 to coincide with my husband’s once monthly pay). I’m dividing that budget between our cow share ($54), beef CSA ($50), Azure Standard ($135.23), Dining out ($50) and Grocery Store ($200.77). In my last spending report I […]

Menu Week of September 5

Last week was one of those weeks when I’m not sure why I took the time to make a menu plan. The only night we actually ate what was planned was Monday. The rest of the week was a free for all. Tuesday I had planned on sprouted lentil slaw but my lentils weren’t […]

Budgeting Tips and Tricks

If you have read here much you may have noticed that most of my posts over the summer have been our menus and our monthly budget (I do hope to someday go back to posting other things too, it has just been soooo busy this summer that my posting has been sporadic at best). I […]