Menu Week of November 28

The last Sunday in November. Where does the time go? I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We went enjoyed dinner at our friends place. My friend did all of the cooking. I felt like a Princess that day. We had a wonderful time especially Christopher. Our friends have a little girl 2 months older […]

Curry Lo Mein Style Dinner

You ever have a night when nothing sounds good? Maybe the menu plan you so diligently made just doesn’t quite work for that night? Or maybe you just didn’t bother to make a menu plan for the week. Sometimes I have those kind of nights. I’ve been on a quest lately to try to find […]

Design a Meatloaf Burger

I love being able to stretch a pound of grass fed ground beef to feed our family like with the Gyros that I made a few weeks ago. Sometimes I can even stretch that pound into two meals like when making Navajo Tacos, casseroles, soups/stews or chili. Lately, I’ve had requests from the girls and […]

Quick and Easy Gyros

Here is a very yummy quick dinner idea and also an excellent way to stretch a pound of hamburger. I’ve been having requests from the family for burgers lately but our Beef CSA only had 2 pounds of ground beef this month and regular hamburgers would use all of that.

To satisfy our hamburger desire, […]

Recap from Last Week and Menu Plan Week of 11-7

>Last week went well food-wise. I’d love to tell you what all we ate but I lost my menu plan and do not have the best memory apparently.

I know we had Venison Curry over Cauliflower Rice one night. And a very simple Gyro another night but beyond that it’s a mystery.

So let’s just […]

Venison Curry over Cauliflower ‘Rice’

I have been wanting Indian food since a new Indian restaurant has opened in town and everyone is talking about it. But our budget is tight right now and the restaurant is quite spendy. So I decided to make a curry and since venison (deer) is what I had thawing out it became a venison […]