Hungarian Turkey Legs

I used the Drumsticks, Thighs, Drummettes and Middle Wings that I cut off a whole turkey for this delicious and easy recipe. Using the crock pot makes this a very simple meal as far as preparation goes. This recipe is one I saw many years ago in a magazine. I have made it using chicken […]

What To Do With a Whole Turkey

I had a turkey in the freezer that we did not use for Thanksgiving. I admit to being slightly turkey challenged. I’ve roasted a few of them over the years but that is about the extent of my turkey experience. I’m great at using the bird post roasting but had no idea of other ways […]

Menu Week of December 26

I’m coming up on a busy season here. I have a couple of temporary jobs lined up, one of them being a long term temp job plus it is tax season for my bookkeeping job. In addition, I received a surprise phone call earlier in the week that will end up being a very good […]

Menu Week of December 19

Last week was an odd one. Monday morning I was feeding the chickens, went to move a bag of chicken feed and hurt my back. I spent most of the week on the couch or in the bed. It was not very fun. Today I’m much better but being very careful. Last night we had […]

Frozen Assets

It is always nice during a busy time to know that my freezer holds the basic components for a wonderful meal. I love being able to pull a few things out of the freezer in the morning and then in the evening spend a couple of minutes on assembly and Voila! We have a wonderful […]

Menu Week of December 12

This week should be fairly mellow. I do not have any temporary jobs but will be working my bookkeeping job more than last month with the end of the year coming up. The place that I did the 7 week temp job recently is having a Christmas luncheon and invited me to attend so I’ll […]

Menu Week of December 5 Plus More

I recently had the privilege of guest posting at GNOWFGLINS. Wardeh was very kind to allow me to share some of my thoughts on preparing real food and working a full time job. If you have any suggestions on how to make Real Food, Fast please add to the comments.

I do have a few […]