Mung Beans: Menu Week of January 30

Week 5 of my 13 Week Rotating Menu. This week is a bit of an experiment with Mung Beans being the Stretchy Bean of the week.

I’ve eaten sprouted mung beans quite often but have never actually sprouted them myself. I figured that since I’ve been sprouting other things (radish, broccoli, lentils, wheat) it […]

Real Food and Food Storage

The past few weeks I have been mentioning my 13 Week Rotating Menu Plan and food storage each week when I post my weekly menu plan.

Food storage is something that I have a slight obsession with. My obsession started before our real food journey did. Switching over to real food actually stalled my food […]

White Beans: Menu Week of January 23

I’m still working on my 13 Week Rotating Meal Plan. This is week 4 and White Bean week. My rotating meal plan is still a work in progress for the most part. For each week I have my Stretchy Bean of the week in place (read more about that on this post) but still […]

Lentils: Menu Week of January 16

Oops. I forgot to put my menu plan up for this week. And I’m sure you were all waiting with bated breath wondering what in the world we are eating in the middle of January here in Wyoming. (Photo Credit) I’m still putting together my 13 Week Rotating Menu Plan that I told you […]

Preserving Food

Ginger commented on this post about doing more canning and preserving in order to build up food stores. This is something that I think about and hope to implement too.

I haven’t done much canning (why is it called canning when we put everything in jars? Shouldn’t it be jarring?) but the little I’ve done […]

Menu Week of January 9 and A Rotating Menu Plan

I wanted to talk a bit this week about something I’ve been working on for awhile. A Rotating Menu Plan. I have been working on a 13 week menu plan.

Most of the evening meals completed but do have a few blanks left to fill in as time goes on. Breakfasts are so basic here […]

Cheap Eating circa 1878

I found these books available online recently. They were all written in the late 1870’s by Juliet Corson. I’ve enjoyed them. Many of the food suggestions and ideas are still appropriate.

The first book is Practical American Cookery and Household Management. It is available in a PDF version also but I could not get it […]

Menu Week of January 2

Last week was quite a week. Good but busy. I worked a temp job Monday to Thursday. Plus I started training discussions on a contract that I am taking over as part of my own business providing information updates. I’ll train with the person who currently has the contract at her house around her full/busy […]