Kidney Beans: Menu Week of March 27


Week 13 of my 13 Week Rotating Menu Plan. I have to say that I have very much enjoyed this menu plan. It did take some time to get it set up in the beginning and we did discover a few recipes that need a bit of work but overall it has been great. […]

Lunch Plan List

I have been spending quite a bit of time talking about my 13 Week Menu Plan. While my menu plan only lists dinners we really do eat other meals here too 🙂 I have already done a post on what we do for breakfasts and thought I would also share about lunches.

Just like for […]

Road Trip Food Ideas

Last month I shared that we’re planning for Vacation. Yes, it is still a few months off but I love my planning time! Our vacation this year will be a road trip back to Oregon for my oldest daughter’s college graduation. After the graduation ceremony we will be camping on the Oregon Coast for 3 […]

Black Beans: Menu Week of March 20

Week 12 of my 13 Week Menu Plan. This is black bean week. Our third time during the 13 weeks to have black beans. I tried to put some time between bean repeats but we still had them week 6 and week 9 and now week 12. I think I’ll adjust my menu plan […]

Pinto Beans: Menu Week of March 13

This is week 11 of my 13 Week Rotating Menu Plan. This week’s Stretchy Bean is Pinto. To shake things up a bit, the pintos will become Baked Beans from day 1 with day 2 and 3 recipes also using baked beans as the base. This idea comes from The Complete Tightwad Gazette by Amy […]

Please Help Answer a Reader’s Question

I received a comment/question from Tiff and I could use a little help from everyone in answering it.

Tiff :o) said… “From what I’ve read, your family is pretty open to the way you eat but was it always that way? It’s just me and my husband but I have such a hard time […]

Uses for Leftover Rice and an Easy Rice Recipe

Rice is one of our preferred side dishes. One reason is that rice goes well with beans and we sure do eat alot of beans! 😉

We usually have soaked brown rice but sometimes we have regular old white rice. I know that brown rice is a better choice nutritionally but Kiki and Lulu love […]

Lentils: Menu Week of March 6

Week 10 of my 13 Week Rotating Menu Plan. This week features Lentils as our Stretchy Bean.

I do my lentils a bit different than most of the other Stretchy Beans. After soaking the lentils instead of cooking them, I let them begin to sprout (click here for sprouting directions). That night I use […]

Stretch Your Budget with Stretchy Beans


I know that I have mentioned Stretchy Beans quite a bit lately as part of my 13 Week Menu Plan. It occurred to me that every time I mention them, it is part of another post or a page. I was thinking today that Stretchy Beans being incredibly popular and useful at my […]

Breakfast Plan List

Butterscotch Oatmeal

I’ve been working on a 13 Week Rotating Menu Plan for our dinners. My goal for this is to make things easier for me at meal planning time and also to be able to have a nice storage of foods on hand. In essence, our own ‘store’ so to speak.

Our […]

Black Beans: Menu Week of February 27

Oops. I’m a bit tardy getting this weeks menu plan posted. For those of you who were waiting on the edge of your seat to see what Week 9 of our 13 Week Rotating Menu Plan held, I apologize 😉

This week’s Stretchy Bean is Black Beans specifically Black Turtle Beans. I love black […]