Mung Beans: Menu Week of May 22

This week has started off very good. Yesterday the older children went to the movies and had a late lunch/early dinner in town. Joe, Christopher and I stayed home and worked on things. Joe built me a little shed for my goats (we call it their ‘summer house’), I worked on my oil and […]

Road Trip: Segment 4- Part 1 of the Long Trip Home


Next month my oldest daughter is graduating from college. We are driving back to Oregon for her graduation and then enjoying a little camping/road trip afterwards. I’ve been sharing our menu plans for the trip. Because we will be gone 10 days and we are doing different things during that time, I’ve divided the […]

Real Food and Me

I was driving in to work this morning (at 5:30AM) and thinking about a blog post that I wanted to share. Kind of an update on why we continue to stick with real/whole/traditional foods. Funny thing, when I came home and had time to check my reader for today’s blog postings Jill at The […]

Road Trip: Segment 3- Camping at the Beach

My oldest daughter is graduating from college next month. She went to school in Oregon so we’ll be driving back there for graduation. After the graduation we’ll be taking a bit of a camping vacation. I’ve been sharing some of our plans especially as far as the menu planning aspect goes.

Our trip is divided […]

Road Trip: Segment 2- Visiting Family and The Graduation

Next month we’ll be taking a road trip to Oregon for my oldest daughter’s college graduation. Back in February I put out a plea for help with my menu planning for the trip. You all were wonderful and gave me some great ideas in the comments which really helped me get creative in my planning. […]

White Beans: Menu Week of May 15

A simple menu plan for this week. For our Stretchy Bean, we’re enjoying White Beans. The other night’s are just quick and easy meals to fit in with this busy season.

Sunday D- Individual Pizzas. Crust made out of Bucket Bread from the GNOWFGLINS Sourdough eCourse, Assorted toppings that everyone put on themselves. I was […]

Black Beans: Menu Week of May 8

I’m having such a busy week that taking the time to share my menu with you has been a challenge! I’m still working a part time temp job (6AM to 10AM 4 days a week), bookkeeping from home, working my home business, taking care of the house (with lots of help from the family), cooking […]

Pinto Beans: Cooking and Favorite Meals

Pinto Beans are prominently featured in my 13 Week Rotating Menu Plan on 3 different weeks (as Stretchy Beans) in those 3 plus months.

Pintos have been a very familiar food for me since I was a child. My mama would make a big pot of pintos every Friday night and that was our […]

Lentils: Menu Week of May 1

Last week I mentioned that I thought spring was just about here. About an hour or so after that posting, it started to snow. And continued to snow off and on through Saturday. So maybe I was mistaken. A little snow is okay. My prayers are with all of those affected by the devastating […]