GAPS Introduction Starts Tomorrow

So far I have chicken and broth ready for tomorrow. Still to do today is make a ‘pate’ as described in this post, make a butternut squash soup (recipe from What Can I Eat Now? 30 Days on GAPS Introduction Diet), cook and mash carrots, cook broccoli and prepare dinner for tonight (hamburgers on […]

GAPS Introduction in Two Days!


Photo Credit: Joana Hard on Flickr On Saturday my husband and I will be starting the 30 Day GAPS Intro Challenge that Cara at Health, Home & Happiness is hosting. I signed up for the Challenge in hopes of alleviating some food related issues that I’ve been experiencing. My husband is joining me partly […]

Making a Change

Just over two years ago we started to slowly change from a Standard American Diet (SAD) to a Real/Whole/Traditional foods diet. Our changes were slow and deliberate which helped with our budget and the additional amount of kitchen time needed when ‘slow’ cooking. One huge benefit of changing our diet was alleviating symptoms of Irritable […]