Relearning the Importance of Fat

As a young adult I totally bought into the whole “Politically Correct Nutrition” idea that fat was bad, especially animal fat. At one time I attempted to become a vegetarian for ‘health reasons’ and I’ve been on numerous low fat diets through the years.

Imagine my surprise when I first read Nourishing Traditions by Sally […]

GAPS and Our Food Budget

> Something that has been on my mind as we do the GAPS Introduction diet is our food budget. When we began our real/whole/traditional foods journey we made slow and deliberate changes which really helped us to keep our food spending very close to what it had been when we were eating a Standard American […]

GAPS Intro Continues

Whew. Being away from home while doing GAPS Intro was a challenge. One I did not entirely fulfil. I did okay but not as good as I would have liked. Now I’m home and trying to get back on track but struggling a bit.

Yesterday I felt very tired (probably a combination of food issues […]

GAPS Intro Day 7

Meals and Mood

Woke up feeling great today even though I had very interrupted sleep last night. Fall has hit Wyoming and along with fall came the winds. It roared last night waking both Joe and I up several times. One time it sounded like a shingle or two peeled off!

Breakfast soup was 6 […]

GAPS Intro Day 6


Spaghetti Squash Foods and Feelings Joe woke up feeling very tired again. This morning he is thinking it is diet related since he feels more tired than usual. I offered him more applesauce but he wanted peanut butter. He had a spoonful of it. Peanut butter is not a GAPS Intro food but is […]

GAPS Intro Day 5

How the Day Went…Woke up early to get ready to leave for town. Wasn’t really ready to get up but felt fine. Joe however, woke up feeling not well. His jaws still hurt and he is very tired. Also reported not feeling hungry at all. One of the nice things about doing this Intro […]

GAPS Intro Day 4


Woke up feeling good again. Not quite as much energy as Day 3, but still good. I need the energy so I can work on my from home based business and also prepare for town work tomorrow. Usually we go to town on Thursday. I leave early and go in and do business. Then […]

GAPS Intro Day 3

Great but slightly weird breakfast (the picture is on the left). I boiled 4 chicken thighs (bought at the Natural Grocers mark down bin/freezer for $1.58) then later added red and orange pepper and a few green onions. Later still (20 minutes or so) I put in tiny meatballs left from the ground burger […]

GAPS Introduction Day 2


Yesterday was rough. My energy was horrible. My mood was icky and I was hungry much of the day. We did go for a walk at a park down the road and that was wonderful but about halfway through I was so hungry that I thought I was going to be sick. Funny thing […]

GAPS Introduction Day 1

Our first day on GAPS went fairly well. I think my favorite thing to eat yesterday was carrots. I had planned to mash them but ended up just leaving them in nickels. At the end of cooking a little bit of fat from the top of a broth container was added to them which […]