Re-Visiting the Food Budget

> When I first began this blog, one thing that I did was share our monthly food budget and the results of achieving (or not) that budget. Toward the end of 2010 I stopped that sharing for reasons I can’t even remember.

Even though I haven’t been sharing our budget, we still have one and […]

Clabber Cheese

> I have very much enjoyed taking the GNOWFGLINS series of eCourses. Each of the four courses (a fifth course starts in January) has been extremely educational. Even though I had been doing real/whole/traditional foods for awhile when these courses started, I have still learned a ton.

In the Cultured Dairy eCourse one of my […]

Taco Soup

This is a delicious way to finish off a pot of beans. Usually by the end of my bean pot there are still some beans in it with quite a bit of the cooking liquid. Since I cook the beans in broth this is still a very nutrient dense liquid. We’ve talked about the […]

Them Bones, Them Bones…


A few days ago I shared a video from the Weston A. Price Foundation titled Tips for Limited Time and a Limited Budget by Sara Pope. In this video it is mentioned that by incorporating large amounts of broth into the diet, meat can be consumed only once or twice a week with good […]

Wise Traditions Beginner Video Series

>I was very excited to receive information earlier this week about the Wise Traditions Beginner Video Series. This is a 12 part series covering all aspects of traditional food preparation.

Sara Pope, The Healthy Home Economist and Weston A. Price Foundation Chapter leader is the presenter in this series of videos. The video below is […]

Help: Brown Bag Lunch Ideas Needed


My high school girls pack a lunch. This is the first year they have done that. Previously they ate school lunches. They now pack lunches because the price of school lunches continues to rise and the quality continues to go down. I was somewhat okay with school lunches before since both girls preferred the […]

Almond Meal/Flour Pancakes

Do you ever find yourself with just a small amount of leftover whatever? In my quest to keep our food spending under control, I’m trying to limit food waste and using those small amounts of leftovers has been a challenge. In the fridge I had 3/4 of a leftover acorn squash (baked with butter) and […]

Post GAPS Health Update

> I started sharing at the end of September how my poor choices over the summer resulted in me feeling horrible all of the time. There was very little I could eat without getting a stomach ache. I was tired all the time and felt like doing nothing. I think I was even bordering on […]

Lentils: Cooking and Favorite Meals

I thought I had a post on here about how much I love lentils. And while I do mention lentils quite often I don’t seem to have a post completely dedicated to these little gems.

I did not grow up eating lentils and to be quite honest the first time I made them I wasn’t […]

Menu Plan Week of December 4

> Last weeks menu plan was very successful. Going back and looking at some of the old menu mailers that I had was a good idea. Oriental Crock Pot Chicken and Orange Crock Pot Beef were both delicious. Both of these are from Cooking Traditional Foods menu mailer. I do have to admit that the […]


A couple of weeks ago one of my friends gave me a lesson in pressure canning. A different friend taught me how to water bath can a couple of years ago but pressure canning is totally new to me. My pressure canning lesson was on meat. Using this post with instructions we canned 7 […]