Stewed Meat- 2 Ways

Tougher cuts of meat can be very budget friendly. Preparing the meat in a manner that makes those tough cuts tender and delicious is important. If your tough cut is a steak a great method is to pound the meat and do something like this tasty chicken fry. If your tough cut is chunks or […]

Menu Week of September 24

This week started very fun! On Sunday Joe and I got up at 4AM to go archery deer hunting. Well, Joe was hunting I just went along. He took me to a place he had found while I was in Oregon. It is a little over an hour from home and absolutely beautiful there. We […]

Stocking the Real Food Pantry

This is an exciting season for my husband. It is hunting season. One of the reasons we moved to Wyoming 3 years ago was for the hunting opportunities. My husband, with the help of our 17 year old (Kiki), makes it his goal each year to fill our chest freezer with antelope and venison. This […]

Herdshare Success!

Back in May, I told you about an attempt by the Wyoming Department of Agriculture that, through essentially one word, would eliminate all cow and goat herdshares in Wyoming.

We recently received word that the proposed changes would allow herdshares to continue and would even allow us to actually drink the milk our cows give. […]

It’s Good to be Home and Menu Week of September 16

Christopher and I arrived home from Oregon late Saturday night. Overall our trip went very well. It was a ‘work’ trip

Christopher and Sierra- Cannon Beach, Oregon

as opposed to a pleasure trip but there was some good times. We were able to visit with Christopher’s Great Grandma and also see my oldest daughter […]

Hello From Oregon!

Christopher and I are back in Oregon. The company I work for needed me so we drove from our home in Wyoming last weekend. We’ll be here until next weekend. Christopher (age 3) has been pretty good but I’m sure it’s not easy for him being in a strange place. Food-wise we are doing okay. […]

Sourdough French Toast With Nut and Fruit Syrup

My girls have always loved french toast.

When we switched to real/whole/traditional foods over 3 years ago, french toast was an easy food to convert to real foods.

Using eggs from free-range chickens and real milk along with sourdough bread makes a terrific breakfast/brunch or even quick dinner.

Topping the sourdough french toast with […]