Menu Plan October 28

Last week a friend and I were retrieving the rest of our Azure Standard order (a long story that involved ALOT of driving) and we were discussing real food and how it fits into our lives. Well, mostly I was complaining about how I don’t seem to try new recipes and new things lately. It […]

Shop the Pantry First– My Method for Menu Planning

For the month of October, we’re focusing on tightening our belt and reducing our food costs. The main thing my family does to help with our food budget is menu planning.

Close to 6 years ago I began meal planning. At that time we were not eating a real foods diet. In fact, the entire […]

Giveaway Winner- The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Fermenting Foods

It’s time to announce the winner of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Fermenting Foods by Wardeh Harmon. If you were not the winner, you can order a paperback version of this book on Amazon for only $11.41 (today’s price) or Kindle version for $9.99. Money well spent if you are at all interested in fermenting!


5 Ways to Cut Down on Food Waste

Did you throw $6.23 in the garbage can today?

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council’s food and agriculture program the average American family of four throws away the equivalent of $2275 annually in food (1). That is $189.58 each month or $6.23 each day!

Keeping food out of the garbage can will help […]

Book Review and Giveaway: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Fermenting Foods

This month at Real Food for Less Money we are focusing on methods and ideas for keeping or getting our food budgets as low as possible. While I had fully intended to do this book review several months ago (I received the book for review in May but with all my traveling this summer did […]

Free eBook Today Only!

Would you like to learn great methods to reduce food waste?

What if you could enjoy one meal for “free” each week?

We’re not talking about gourmet meals but wonderful, simple dishes that you can prepare day in and day out

You’ll be amazed how easy […]