January Health and Wellness

Master Tonic, Rhodiola and Wild Yam Tinctures Before Straining

We have had a very mild winter. We do have snow on the ground today but for the most part this winter as been super mild. Which is good in some ways (comfort) and not so good in other ways (we need snow to help […]

Menu Plan Week of January 27

Last week, instead of making a menu plan, I prepared a few things early in the week to reheat for later. You can read about that here. Overall this worked pretty good but wasn’t a huge time savings compared to my usual meal plans. And I still ended up at the last minute trying to […]

Eggs in Marinara

On Tuesday night I watched a new reality TV program. The premise of this show is a blind taste test. Contests have the opportunity to create a one taste dish that four chefs sample. Then the chef can decide if they want the contestant on their team or can send them packing. I absolutely do […]

Food Plan Week of January 20

The previous couple of weeks I’ve shared our menu plan after the fact. What we planned to eat and what we actually ate. And I had fully intended to do that again for this week. BUT… my week sort of fell apart. I usually make new menu plan on Sunday but last Sunday we had […]

Real Food Storage– We Have a Winner!

Giveaway of Real Food Storage: How to’s and Recipes…

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Congratulations Nina! Be sure to watch for an email from me (realfoodforlessmoney at gmail dot com) to make arrangements to receive your eBook.

Don’t forget, you can use the coupon code RFLM20 until January 31, 2013 and receive a 20% discount on […]

Menu in Review: Week of January 6

Beginning last week (and continuing for the next couple of weeks) I’ve posted our menu plan after the fact. I wanted to share how even though I use a menu plan almost every week we do not necessarily stick to it 100%. Rather, my menu plan becomes more of a guideline. Things happen– I might […]

Red Beans: Cooking and Favorite Meals

At my house red beans is an all encompassing term for any red bean (I know, obvious). These could be the large red kidney beans or smaller red beans. I tend to alternate on which I purchase. I’ve also found that other than size there is not a huge amount of difference in the beans. […]

Menu in Review: Week of December 30 & BBQ Style Beans

Most weeks I make a menu plan. Some weeks I share it with you. I find that a having a pre planned menu to follow works best for me to be able to provide the nutritional meals that are best for us. For the next few weeks I thought instead of sharing our planned menu, […]

Book Review: Real Food Storage

“Then the phone call came. One cold February afternoon, Jeff called to tell me his company did a 20% pay cut across the board. Two months later, it was a 20% reduction in hours on top of that pay cut. Just one month later, I got another afternoon phone […]

Budgets, Rules and Going Forward


Happy 2013!


With the new year here I thought it would be a great time to give an overview of our food philosophy and this blog. When I started this blog late in 2009 I struggled with a name for it. I had been writing about food on a family blog that […]