February Health and Wellness

February on the Prairie

Last month I shared how January went for me as far as health and wellness. In a nutshell, it was a rough month. And so was December, November, October, and August before that. In fact I haven’t felt truly ‘well’ for over a year. I hate to sound whiny but […]

On Sale NOW! Extreme Health Library Sale

The Extreme Health Library Sale that I’ve been telling you about is now available!

53 digital products for only $39.97!

This bundle sale has ended! Products are available at contributors website.

This digital bundle not only includes many fabulous eBooks but also white papers, MP3 and […]

Menu Plan Week of February 24

Last week of February. 2013 is zooming by! My girls have spring break already next week. We’ve had snow for the last several days so it seems kind of strange to be thinking about spring break already. They do have it incredibly early here.

This weeks menu plan features a stretchy chicken and stretchy white […]

Mini Bundle– Design a Dish + Thrifty Food Plan Experience

Get Design a Dish & Thrifty Food Plan Experience Bundled Together

These two eBooks will work together wonderfully to help you make the most of your food dollars. Cost to purchase separately is $15.90. Bundle price $11.95— a savings of $3.95!

Learn more about Design a […]

Thoughts on Health Care

Something that has been on my mind a lot lately is health care. You may know that when we changed our diet in early 2009 from a diet of mainly processed foods to a diet of mainly traditional food we discovered changes in our health.

My husband and I both had a diagnosis of Irritable […]

Swirl Bread or Swirl Rolls

Once in a while I like to do something slightly different than our regular sourdough bread, such as Swirl Bread or Swirl Rolls.

Cinnamon swirl bread is super popular with my little boy. It is takes only a few extra minutes to turn our Minimal Knead Sourdough Sandwich Bread into a swirl loaf. My bread […]

Menu Plan Week of February 10

I’m very excited! I’m on the home stretch for getting all of the tax stuff together and off to the CPA for my bookkeeping job. It is always a good feeling to be done with that and have it passed on to the CPA for her to do her thing.

My husband is going […]

Creamy Carrot and Apple Soup

This is a very tasty, easy and inexpensive soup. It is a great use for apples that are slightly past their prime. My little boy particularly loves this soup. You can adjust the amount of curry powder depending on how much heat you like. I’ve made it with the three tablespoons and I loved […]

Menu Plan Week of February 3

Winter view of town from 2 acres

First week of February. I am amazed at how fast 2013 is going. Have I mentioned that one of my girls is graduating from high school this year? Kiki will be 18 on May 1 and then a few weeks later. I also have a nephew (who happens to turn 18 today) and two nieces […]