April Health and Wellness

Late March Snow Ducks

For the past couple of months I’ve been sharing my experience with menopause. January and February were very low months for me. March was considerably better and April was really quite awesome. I’m beginning to feel like myself again.

Exhaustion and Hot Flashes

The exhaustion that had hit me so […]

Menu Plan Week of April 28

I’m back from my week of working in Oregon. Everything went great while I was there. Friday evening and Saturday I was able to spend time with my oldest daughter (she lives outside of Portland) and we had a terrific time. On Saturday she took us out to a tea house for lunch.

I snapped […]

Nourishing Pin It Party #1

Welcome to the first Nourishing Pin It Party!


I am very happy that you are here. If you love link-ups and you love pinning the Nourishing Pin It Party is for you.

I love to use my Pinterest boards to keep track of all the wonderful ideas I […]

Menu Plan Week of April 21– Mama’s Gone

This week’s menu plan is going to be more of a guideline than anything. Tuesday morning at 6AM I’ll be on an airplane heading for Oregon. I need to go back for an internal audit for my machine shop job. We are an industry standard certified shop which means we get to enjoy two audits […]

Announcing the Nourishing Pin It Party!

Attention Bloggers and NON-Bloggers

I am super excited to announce a brand new event here at Real Food for Less Money starting this Wednesday. We’ll be part of a link-up party. This link-up party will be slightly different and extra special compared to most. Instead of linking up to posts on your blog, you’ll link […]

Farmer Boy Pancakes

Most of our breakfasts are quite quick since someone is always trying to get out the door. But on weekends or days without school or work we’ll have a more leisurely breakfast. Pancakes are often requested. Due to cost, we very rarely have maple syrup with our pancakes. Sometimes I’ll make Buttermilk Syrup but […]

Menu Plan Week of April 14

Snow Ducks!

I love spring in Wyoming! We are finally getting some precipitation which is wonderful. I am very much looking forward to green grass soon. Of course, the precipitation is in the form of snow. On Tuesday we had around a foot in the yard. However with the wind we did have a […]

A Favorite Picnic Salad

I love to travel. As a child we didn’t have many family vacations but I do remember a couple of trips. One was a camping trip from our home in Kansas to Idaho and back. Driving most of the day and camping in a new campground at night was very fun to a young girl! […]

Real Food Hits the Road

Are you planning to hit the road for a family vacation?

Want to take a road trip but the idea of eating out three meals a day doesn’t work for your budget or your health?

Would you like to continue with a real/whole/traditional style of eating while away from home?

Love the idea of eating […]

Menu Plan Week of April 7

My little boy shared his cold with me. Joe took over all of the cooking duties over the weekend while I took it easy. I’m still feeling pretty blah. I’ve made a very basic menu plan for the week. You’ll notice there are no veggies in the plan. I was sick on my usual town […]

Favorite Meat-Free Meals

In my post yesterday, 5 Ways to Afford Real Food on a Meager Budget, I talked about how we ate less meat but still had high quality meals. In this post I share a few of our favorite meat-free meals.

Creamed Onions with Thyme and Sage

This is a dish that we love and […]

5 Ways to Afford Real Food on a Meager Budget

A question I’ve received from the beginning of this blog is how do we afford real food on a meager (small, tight, limited, paltry, minuscule, tiny, wee, etc) budget.

I’m happy to share what we’ve found to be helpful in our quest for real food but it is never my intention for anyone to […]

Menu Plan Week of March 31

Spring in Wyoming. Saturday was a perfect example of a spring like day for here. We woke up to rain. A little bit later that rain become a sleet/hail type thing. Then we had big fat snowflakes. That kept up until around noon time. Once it stopped it suddenly warmed up and everything melted rather […]