Off-Grid Living September 2016

In March we moved full time to our off grid cabin on 20 acres in the high desert. The last several months have been go, go, go pretty much non-stop.

Our cabin is still a work in progress. We’re what I call a semi-dry cabin. We don’t have any water coming in, unless we haul […]

Joplin 66 Hostel

In April of this year we needed to make a trip down to where my parents are living to visit and take care of a few business issues. Originally we planned on being down there about a week and a half. A hotel room for that amount of time would be pretty steep. We considered […]

A Season Without Menu Plans

I am a huge fan of menu planning. I truly believe that planning a weekly menu is the best way for us to keep our food budget under control. For a long time I posted our menu each week which helped even more with the accountability of sticking to the plan. In my mind […]

My Teeth Haven’t Fallen Apart!

Three years ago I shared my dental woes in, My Teeth are Falling Apart. I had always considered myself fortunate since I’ve only had two cavities.

Over the years my dentists’ have commented how fortunate I was to have so few cavities. That comment is almost always followed by something on the order of “I […]

2016 Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by healthy living?

It’s not that you don’t understand or agree with why it matters. You’re sold on the merits of eating whole foods, raising healthier kids, avoiding toxins and chemicals, getting fit, and using alternative remedies.

But sometimes it’s a whole lot easier to say than […]

Pronghorn and Petroglyphs

Last weekend Joe and I went pronghorn antelope hunting. Well, Joe hunted. I went along for the camping weekend. We met up with our friends who were also hunting and had a great time. Everyone filled their tags so we have the start of some game in the freezer.

We camped for 2 days […]

Returning From An Unplanned Hiatus

At the end of 2007 while awaiting the birth of our sweet little boy I dipped my toe in the online world and started a blog. It began as a place I could share about our little guy — thoughts, feelings, etc and then about him and how he was growing then about our […]