Has the FDA Gone Nuts?

I just heard about this the other day when this article from American Vision News was linked by a friend. Apparently in February of 2010 the FDA sent a warning letter to Diamond Nuts. The warning letter declares that Diamond Nuts are now drugs since the company shows the (accurate) benefits of the omega-3’s in the nuts.

You can read a copy of the warning letter sent to Diamond Nuts on the FDA’s website located here.

I took a look at the Diamond Nuts website that the FDA references in the warning letter and I find nothing about health claims so I’m assuming that Diamond complied with the warning letter.

Having read the warning letter, I have to wonder if the linked article from American Vision News might be on to something with the last line “The FDA’s language,” Faloon writes, “resembles that of an out of control police state where tyranny (reigns) over rationality.” Remember the FDA are the same ones who have stated on public record that “There is no absolute right to consume or feed children any particular food.” stating their opposition to freedom of food choice.  Of course, maybe because of the FDA’s opposition to freedom of food choice, I’m a little bit biased in anything ‘they’ say…

What do you think? Did Diamond Nuts cross the line and put nuts in the drug category with their statements?

Mostly unrelated to this post but super important is this ACTION ALERT: Urge your Representative to Protect Raw Milk

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  1. Tiff

    That is just crazy! It’s just one more way that the government is trying to make it harder for people to understand food and the benefits they can have on the body. If no one could calim any health benefits, then those who don’t care enough to do research will be in the dark and believe that walnuts, spinach and a box of mac & cheese are all in the same category…something just to fill your stomach and nothing to do with how well you feel. That’s just sad.

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