Cabin Building Update

Our new cabin is coming right along! Last month when I posted about our cabin we had just left the property with the foundation complete and the floor in progress. You can read that post here.

Building an Off Grid Cabin

Our builders have been hard at it and are making great progress. In fact, the shell should be completed in just a few more days! Joe made a trip up a few weekends ago to hunt and help. Truth is, he wasn’t able to help much. 🙂

The next two pictures are from September 26.

Building an Off Grid Cabin

This is the east facing side. That’s where the front entry door will be and the window will look out from the great room. The view from there will be of the creek. Not actually the creek, since we can’t see the water, but the trees lining the creek.

Building an Off Grid Cabin

This is a great picture showing the southeast corner. You can see the front door and window from the previous picture plus the entire south wall. The big window on the right side of the south wall is in the great room. Then the back door and a small window. The final window is to Christopher’s bedroom.

The pictures below are from October 5.

Building an Off Grid Cabin

This is the south wall and the west wall. You can see several more boards went up. The west and east ends will be gabled so will be much taller but that is the final wall height on the south and north sides. The west side wall is bedroom windows. We’ll have two bedrooms on the main floor, Christopher’s and a guest room.

Building an Off Grid Cabin

This picture shows the north and east sides. Two of the windows on the north side are for the kitchen and the other is for the guest room.

Building an Off Grid Cabin

This is the southeast corner.  If you compare it to the previous picture of the same corner you can really see the progress. The entire cabin is being built with amazing detail. I talked with someone who lives in the area (he does floors so might put in hardwood for us) and he said it is amazing craftsmanship. I can’t wait to see it!

I suspect the next pictures I share will be of the finished shell! It’s terribly exciting. 🙂


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