Can We Talk?

This blog is called Real Food for Less Money. To me Real Food means that our food is nutrient dense, not processed, whole foods. The kind of foods that God put here for us to eat, not stuff that was made in a factory to be something else and then ‘discovered’ to be food. Our diet still has alot of room for improvement to become optimum. My hope is to be able to share what food items we purchase, how much we spend, what meals are made and what improvements can be made. Part of my intention is to have this as a record in order to track our progress.

What about the Less Money part? One concern that I had when my husband and I first started talking about improving our diet was the money part of it. I had heard and read that eating whole, nourishing foods would cost more. In the grocery store there are quite a few organic choices like crackers, chips, even cookies. If my goal was to switch from standard purchases like regular crackers to organic crackers then yes, it would cost considerably more. But by looking at things differently and choosing instead not always to buy and eat those crackers (which are still a processed food whether organic or not) and instead to put our money where it counts into more nutrient dense foods we are able to keep our budget better under control. Plus we have been making changes slowly which also helps our budget immensely.

Do I think that if I can do this than anyone can? No. What I am sharing with you is what I have available to me in the area I live (in the country on 2 acres in Wyoming) with the resources that I am developing. The time that I have to devote to meal prep may be more or less than what you have. I work from home, have children in school and a baby just learning to walk. Your circumstances may be different. I have internet access which helps me immensely in my education toward our Real Food diet. If you are reading this you probably have internet too but others who really need to learn how to eat Real Food may not. I have a reliable vehicle to enable me to go to the grocery store as needed, to pick up milk and to be able to drive to pick up my
co-op order. Not everyone has the convenience of a reliable vehicle. With all that being said, it is my sincere hope that some of the information provided will be helpful to you and your own Real Food journey. One thing that would help me with that is if you have any tips or opinions on the information offered let me know in the comments section. I believe that learning from others is an important part of this Real Food quest.


What is your biggest budget buster as far as food is concerned? Have you found a solution for it?

2 comments to Can We Talk?

  • Sierra

    >I have to say I am really impressed with what you have been developing as far as REAL FOOD networking, with the coops and everything you have joined.

    You make a really good point in that it is hard for everyone to take on a Real Food diet because of extenuating circumstances. I currently am still out of a car, so that means that I have to convince my roommates' friend to take us grocery shopping, and we usually compensate him for it.

    Alysse and I are both in the theatre and in school, which is hard if you want to eat healthily.

    And when I am staying with Rico, I don't have reliable internet.

    As far as what is out of my budget that I would like…real milk! $8.00/gallon is way too expensive for me to afford.

  • Millie

    >Exactly Sierra. It would be naive for me to think/say "if I can do this anyone can". Making any change toward a more nutrient dense diet will be helpful. That being said, I do believe though that some people are so SICK from eating the SAD diet that those people need to make more drastic changes. Your youngest sister is one who does not do well eating SAD foods. Lately, things have been sneaking in to her diet that shouldn't (she got a little birthday money and while she was out the other day purchased herself some treats), today she was complaining of a tummy ache which she hasn't done in months. She was baffled as to why she would be having issues. hmmm. Let me think.
    $8 a gallon is alot for milk but the health benefits may be worth it. It is a choice that only you can make. We are currently getting a gallon of milk a week on our cow share but we need to bump that up to 2 gallons a week since we are going through it before the week is up. I'll massage our budget to accomodate for that.
    Where you live, there are probably some great buying clubs. You might look into that. Some of the stuff I get through mine are less expensive than the grocery store for better quality products.

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