Building an Off Grid Cabin- The Foundation

Building an Off Grid Cabin

We spent the weekend up at our property with our builders. We’re super excited about the progress that was made. When we left last weekend the cement piers and first beams were in place from the builder’s first visit in July.

After a few hours of work this weekend things really started […]

Going Off Grid

Our Off Grid Plans

We’re building a cabin. The cabin is going to be off grid. Off grid may have slightly different meanings to different people. I think some people think that an off grid home or cabin would have nothing electric. I’ve seen comments on off grid bloggers posts asking how they can be off grid when they […]

Our Outdoor Shower and Solar Water Heater

Our Outdoor Shower and Solar Water Heater

Working in the hot and dusty high desert can really make you long for a shower by the end of the day (or even in the middle). If you don’t have a running water or plumbing set up getting that shower can be a challenge.

In many of the preparedness and off-grid books I’ve read […]

2 Acre Homestead June 2014

2 Acre Homestead June 2014

June was all about baby poultry. The chickens and ducks that were born in May are growing up fast and any day now will be put in the big house with the full grown birds.

  Early in June our broody hen had her chicks. She actually hatched all six eggs she was setting […]

Permaculture: Designing with Zones

Something that we’ve been learning about in the Permaculture Design Course that Joe and I have been taking is designing with zones and zonal placement.

Zoning is about placement. The zones are numbered from 1 to 5 with 1 being the zone surrounding the house and zone 5 being the area (usually) […]

2 Acre Homestead May 2014

2 Acre Homestead May 2014

Spring took a long time getting here this year! We even had a snow storm on Mother’s Day. Lots of fun things happening on our place. Kiki put the incubator to work to get us some ducks and chickens. Unfortunately, we didn’t have very good hatching and ended up with only 2 ducks and 3 […]

Finding a New Place to Call Home

We moved to our current home almost five years ago. We never intended for this to be our ‘forever home’. We chose the location based strictly on work opportunities. It was always our plan to live here during our working years but to retire to a quiet little town elsewhere in Wyoming.

Since that […]

Staying Focused on Preparedness

Staying Focused on Preparedness

It’s easy to get distracted when there is a large task to be completed. Preparedness is one of those tasks for me. Mainly because it’s a task that in many ways has no end.

We first realized that we were woefully unprepared for things like natural disasters several years ago when a major storm […]

Spring Cleaning and Decluttering

It’s hard to believe that just five years ago we lived in a 23 foot tow behind camp trailer. The bulk of what we owned was contained within the camp trailer with a few straggling totes setting underneath and the ‘big’ stuff stored in a 10 x 12 rental unit. When we […]

Feeding Animals Part 2

This post was originally shared on my short lived homesteading blog in August of 2013 before I decided to move everything to this one blog— which is more than enough for me to keep up with! Growing all or part of our own animal/livestock feed is important to us and something we will […]

Feeding Animals

This post originally appeared on my short lived homesteading blog in the summer of 2013. I’m bringing several of the posts from there over to this blog.


Something that we’re experimenting with is animal feed. When we first started raising chickens about seven years ago we didn’t know that there were any […]

How We Got Here- Part 2

Make 2014 Awesome!

Be sure to read How We Got Here- Part 1

The summer of 2010 was a pivotal year for us. That year we embarked on raising our own chickens for meat. After watching the movie Food, Inc (that’s an affiliate link) over the winter we knew that we did not want to support the […]

2014 Homestead Projects

Kalena the Dwarf Nigerian Goat

In this post I want to share a few of the things we’ll be working on here on our two acres and also on our new 20 acres.

The 20 acres is pretty much bare ground (we built a small shack to camp in when we go up) so the project list is very […]

Raising Food for Winter: Challenges and How Much do We Need?

This post was originally on my short lived homesteading blog. I’ve updated it with current information after the last gardening season. Gardening is still a challenge but each year gets a little bit better. This post does contain affiliate links. Thank you for supporting Real Food for Less Money with your purchases.


Preserving Milk

This post was originally shared on my short-lived homesteading blog.

Things have changed for us since I originally wrote this post.


Did you know that it is believed that cheese making may have started when dairying started? Milk was put in animal bags (usually made out of a […]


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