Menu Week of May 11

Snow on Mother’s Day! Yep. It wasn’t enough to stick around but it did snow off and on all day and was cold. Definitely a day to stay inside. Joe and I worked on our permaculture class and had a fairly quiet day. Overnight, the snow continued and we did wake up to a couple […]

Favorite Meat-Free Meals

In my post yesterday, 5 Ways to Afford Real Food on a Meager Budget, I talked about how we ate less meat but still had high quality meals. In this post I share a few of our favorite meat-free meals.

Creamed Onions with Thyme and Sage

This is a dish that we love and […]

Menu in Review: Week of January 6

Beginning last week (and continuing for the next couple of weeks) I’ve posted our menu plan after the fact. I wanted to share how even though I use a menu plan almost every week we do not necessarily stick to it 100%. Rather, my menu plan becomes more of a guideline. Things happen– I might […]

Mung Beans: Menu Week of May 22

This week has started off very good. Yesterday the older children went to the movies and had a late lunch/early dinner in town. Joe, Christopher and I stayed home and worked on things. Joe built me a little shed for my goats (we call it their ‘summer house’), I worked on my oil and […]

Garbanzo Beans: Cooking and Favorite Meals

Garbanzo Beans or Chick Peas are part of my 13 Week Rotating Menu Plan. They are our Stretchy Bean for week 1. Garbanzo beans were not something I grew up eating other than occasionally on a salad ‘fresh’ out of a can.

When I started cooking with them a few years ago, we discovered […]

Garbanzo Beans and Sprouted Wheat

Looking for a new garbanzo bean recipe, I found a very promising one titled simply Garbanzo Beans and Bulgur. My only problem with the recipe was my lack of bulgur in the house. But I do have wheat that I thought might substitute well if I sprouted it. Boy did it! This recipe was […]

Food Prices and Menu Plan

Since the beginning of the year I’ve been sharing my rotating menu each week. The other day, I was listening to a video and was reminded just why I put together this menu plan. Why we have Stretchy Beans three nights a week on the plan. Why the bulk of our meals are based on […]