Favorite Meat-Free Meals

In my post yesterday, 5 Ways to Afford Real Food on a Meager Budget, I talked about how we ate less meat but still had high quality meals. In this post I share a few of our favorite meat-free meals.

Creamed Onions with Thyme and Sage

This is a dish that we love and […]

Red Beans: Cooking and Favorite Meals

At my house red beans is an all encompassing term for any red bean (I know, obvious). These could be the large red kidney beans or smaller red beans. I tend to alternate on which I purchase. I’ve also found that other than size there is not a huge amount of difference in the beans. […]

Menu in Review: Week of December 30 & BBQ Style Beans

Most weeks I make a menu plan. Some weeks I share it with you. I find that a having a pre planned menu to follow works best for me to be able to provide the nutritional meals that are best for us. For the next few weeks I thought instead of sharing our planned menu, […]

Menu Plan Week of November 18

Last week’s menu plan ended up with a few slight changes. Mainly Friday night’s Taco Soup. When it was time to make Taco Soup I just didn’t feel like having Taco Soup that night! Instead we had something similar; hamburger patties, sauteed greens, corn bread and black bean soup (a super tasty soup from Nourishing […]

It’s Good to be Home and Menu Week of September 16

Christopher and I arrived home from Oregon late Saturday night. Overall our trip went very well. It was a ‘work’ trip

Christopher and Sierra- Cannon Beach, Oregon

as opposed to a pleasure trip but there was some good times. We were able to visit with Christopher’s Great Grandma and also see my oldest daughter […]

Super Flexible Stuffed Burritos

While we were on our family vacation this summer we ate out at Chipotle’s. We each had a huge stuffed burrito and while dining Joe said we should eat more burritos. I was surprised by that since we often have some sort of burrito, taco or tostado as part of our Stretchy Bean dishes.

My […]

Red Beans: Rajma Style



In my quest to find or create tasty bean dishes we have been experimenting with making Rajma. Rajma is red beans, Indian style. We really like Indian food so being able to make something like this at home is wonderful. I used this recipe and adapted it slightly to work with the […]

Menu Plan 1/1/2012

> A second long weekend in a row and it was great. Except that this was the weekend my oldest (Sierra) moved back to Oregon. We took her to the airport on Sunday morning for a 5:50AM flight. I missed her before we were even out of the airport parking lot. Sierra is my recent […]

Taco Soup

This is a delicious way to finish off a pot of beans. Usually by the end of my bean pot there are still some beans in it with quite a bit of the cooking liquid. Since I cook the beans in broth this is still a very nutrient dense liquid. We’ve talked about the […]

Kidney Beans: Menu Week of March 27


Week 13 of my 13 Week Rotating Menu Plan. I have to say that I have very much enjoyed this menu plan. It did take some time to get it set up in the beginning and we did discover a few recipes that need a bit of work but overall it has been great. […]

Stretch Your Budget with Stretchy Beans

I know that I have mentioned Stretchy Beans quite a bit lately as part of my 13 Week Menu Plan. It occurred to me that every time I mention them, it is part of another post or a page. I was thinking today that Stretchy Beans being incredibly popular and useful at my house deserved […]

Beef and Bean Enchilada Casserole

We enjoyed a delicious Enchilada Casserole last night. I think one of the things that made it so good was the Enchilada Sauce. I found a recipe last week to make the sauce out of chicken stock. I love any way to be able to add a good broth to a meal and this really […]

Red Beans: Menu Week of February 13

Is it really the middle of February already? This winter seems to be going very fast. With thoughts of Spring, I’m working on my garden plans. My plans are not as ambitious as last year. We are told that we should expect grasshoppers again. Last year they totally wiped out the garden and the […]


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