Menu Week of January 25, 2016


Menu Plan Monday ~ It’s back!

In my early days of blogging I posted a menu almost every Monday. This menu served two purposes: ideas for you and a great way to keep me on track.

When I stopped posting the menu I would *sometimes* type one out in a word document or […]

Menu Week of June 8

Menu Week of June 8

The last few weeks have been pretty busy and I’ve neglected sharing our menu plans. I’m still putting together a plan, scratched out on a slip of recycled paper or an old envelope. We’re being somewhat careful with our money right now since we’re building a cabin on our new property so the bulk of […]

Menu Week of March 30


Real Food for Less Money is now Homespun Oasis. Read why here.

Whew-eee. Cold, snow and wind is what we woke up to. Yesterday we were outside working in short sleeves! We were very happy for the beautiful day and I even was able to get our three cold frame boxes planted with […]

Menu Week of March 16

We’ve had a wonderful weekend visiting with my daughter that lives in Oregon and her fiance. The arrived mid-day on Saturday and left mid-day on Monday (which is part of the reason I’m late getting this menu together). I was able to meet Aaron, Sierra’s guy, last month when I was in Oregon but this […]

Menu Plan Week of October 27

Cold and blustery today. We’re supposed to get one to two inches of snow. The weekend was so warm that we didn’t even need jackets. Interesting weather, for sure!

We have a three day weekend scheduled starting this Friday. We’re planning to go up to the new property providing snow doesn’t prevent the trip. We […]

Menu Plan Week of May 12

Be sure to check out this post sharing a great Freebie, Special’s and More information you won’t want to miss!


I have a confession, I didn’t follow last week’s menu plan at all. Not that it was much of a plan to start! I never did put those new beans on to soak so […]

Menu Plan Week of May 5

We had a terrific, but way to short, trip up to Joe’s parent’s house this past weekend. They live about four hours from us and we honestly don’t see them as much as we’d like. Our little boy had a wonderful time with Grandma and Grandpa and kept saying how much he missed them the […]

Menu Plan Week of February 24

Last week of February. 2013 is zooming by! My girls have spring break already next week. We’ve had snow for the last several days so it seems kind of strange to be thinking about spring break already. They do have it incredibly early here.

This weeks menu plan features a stretchy chicken and stretchy white […]

Menu Plan Week of January 27

Last week, instead of making a menu plan, I prepared a few things early in the week to reheat for later. You can read about that here. Overall this worked pretty good but wasn’t a huge time savings compared to my usual meal plans. And I still ended up at the last minute trying to […]

Menu Week of August 26

Week 2 of school but the first full week. We seem to be adjusting to our schedule. Christopher really missed his sisters last week and kept asking where they were. This week he and I will be starting preschool (homeschool) so hopefully that will help pass the time. A friend told me about Before Five […]

Super Flexible Stuffed Burritos

While we were on our family vacation this summer we ate out at Chipotle’s. We each had a huge stuffed burrito and while dining Joe said we should eat more burritos. I was surprised by that since we often have some sort of burrito, taco or tostado as part of our Stretchy Bean dishes.

My […]

Menu Plan 1/8/2012

Last week was a very tasty food week. I had to do a little bit of rearranging of things but not too bad. For Friday night’s potato bar I had planned on using the leftover chili and possibly the Southwestern topping as on of our potato bar topping options. However, we had zero leftovers […]

Taco Soup

This is a delicious way to finish off a pot of beans. Usually by the end of my bean pot there are still some beans in it with quite a bit of the cooking liquid. Since I cook the beans in broth this is still a very nutrient dense liquid. We’ve talked about the […]

White Beans: Menu Week of May 15

A simple menu plan for this week. For our Stretchy Bean, we’re enjoying White Beans. The other night’s are just quick and easy meals to fit in with this busy season.

Sunday D- Individual Pizzas. Crust made out of Bucket Bread from the GNOWFGLINS Sourdough eCourse, Assorted toppings that everyone put on themselves. I was […]

Stretch Your Budget with Stretchy Beans


I know that I have mentioned Stretchy Beans quite a bit lately as part of my 13 Week Menu Plan. It occurred to me that every time I mention them, it is part of another post or a page. I was thinking today that Stretchy Beans being incredibly popular and useful at my […]