Favorite Meat-Free Meals

In my post yesterday, 5 Ways to Afford Real Food on a Meager Budget, I talked about how we ate less meat but still had high quality meals. In this post I share a few of our favorite meat-free meals.

Creamed Onions with Thyme and Sage

This is a dish that we love and […]

“Butter Causes Diabetes”

Homemade Butter

This morning, my husband Joe, had one of those ‘morning shows’ on. I wasn’t really paying attention to it until one of the ‘medical contributors’ made a statement something like “Paula Deen has diabetes from eating butter.”


Butter causes diabetes? It’s not the highly processed donuts and white bread sandwiches […]

Foods in Review: Week of 1/8/12

This past week I didn’t spend too terribly much time in the kitchen. With tax stuff to be done, regular bookkeeping, my business getting this new website up and running plus getting what seemed to be a cold of some sort, kitchen time was at a premium.

I did try a new recipe […]

Re-Visiting the Food Budget

> When I first began this blog, one thing that I did was share our monthly food budget and the results of achieving (or not) that budget. Toward the end of 2010 I stopped that sharing for reasons I can’t even remember.

Even though I haven’t been sharing our budget, we still have one and […]

Taco Soup

This is a delicious way to finish off a pot of beans. Usually by the end of my bean pot there are still some beans in it with quite a bit of the cooking liquid. Since I cook the beans in broth this is still a very nutrient dense liquid. We’ve talked about the […]

Wise Traditions Beginner Video Series

>I was very excited to receive information earlier this week about the Wise Traditions Beginner Video Series. This is a 12 part series covering all aspects of traditional food preparation.

Sara Pope, The Healthy Home Economist and Weston A. Price Foundation Chapter leader is the presenter in this series of videos. The video below is […]

Almond Meal/Flour Pancakes

Do you ever find yourself with just a small amount of leftover whatever? In my quest to keep our food spending under control, I’m trying to limit food waste and using those small amounts of leftovers has been a challenge. In the fridge I had 3/4 of a leftover acorn squash (baked with butter) and […]

Post GAPS Health Update

> I started sharing at the end of September how my poor choices over the summer resulted in me feeling horrible all of the time. There was very little I could eat without getting a stomach ache. I was tired all the time and felt like doing nothing. I think I was even bordering on […]

Relearning the Importance of Fat

As a young adult I totally bought into the whole “Politically Correct Nutrition” idea that fat was bad, especially animal fat. At one time I attempted to become a vegetarian for ‘health reasons’ and I’ve been on numerous low fat diets through the years.

Imagine my surprise when I first read Nourishing Traditions by Sally […]

Please Help Answer a Reader’s Question

I received a comment/question from Tiff and I could use a little help from everyone in answering it.

Tiff :o) said… “From what I’ve read, your family is pretty open to the way you eat but was it always that way? It’s just me and my husband but I have such a hard time […]

Food Thoughts: Changes

I’ve been thinking lately about change. Specifically how our family has changed our food choices so much over the past few years. About 5 years ago I did not cook. I worked more than full time and our meals were dine out, take out or heated up. Once in a great while I might […]

Nectarines, Nectarines and More Nectarines

I ordered 40 pound of nectarines from Azure Standard this month. When I ordered them it didn’t sound like very much (I actually thought of ordering 60 pounds) but when I got them and they were staring at me from their good sized boxes 40 pounds was more than enough.

I have only canned conventionally […]

>Tuesday Twister April 6

> Each week Wardeh at Gnowfglins.com hosts the Tuesday Twister where we can share through pictures and words what has been Twisting in our kitchens.

Last month I bought a bag of frozen wild caught Whiting. I was looking for a replacement fish to the farm raised tilapia that we love. The Whiting is […]

Two Ducks Equal Numerous Delicious Dishes

At Thanksgiving time we got our turkey from my friend JLB and as a bonus she threw in two meat ducks. We love duck. We usually have wild duck which is different from domestic duck but we have discovered that both are equally delicious. We cut up the ducks and froze the pieces separately. […]

Tuesday Twister January 26

Each week Wardeh at Gnowfglins hosts Tuesday Twister which provides us with the opportunity to recap what has been happening in our kitchens through pictures and words. This week has been pretty low key. I have been very busy with work (I’m a bookkeeper from home and it is end of the year wrap […]


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