Water Kefir Soda Cremosa

Vanilla Cremosa

Many (many) years ago, fresh out of high school, I worked at a gourmet coffee shop. Working there was the first place I heard of ‘fancy’ drinks like Italian Sodas and Cremosas.

Fast forward to now, we make our own version of soda out of water kefir grains. I love making these […]

Can you Transition to Real Foods?

Heal Your Gut With Fermented Foods

Real Food for Less Money is a journal of sorts on how my family continues to transition from a Standard American Diet (SAD) to a real/whole/traditional foods diet (real). Our transition as been slow and steady while trying to keep our budget under control. For the first 24 […]

Design a Dish

Would you like to learn great methods to reduce food waste?

What if you could enjoy one meal for “free” each week?

We’re not talking about gourmet meals but wonderful, simple dishes that you can prepare day in and day out

You’ll be amazed how easy it is to nourish your family with these tasty […]

Milk Shake Magic

This recipe was shared originally in May of 2010. I decided to highlight it today in honor of Valentine’s Day. Chocolate is the perfect treat for this day.


A favorite treat from before we started changing over to real, more nutrient dense foods was Magic Milk Shakes from the Hillbilly Housewife website. […]

How Do You Like Your Kefir?

The other day Lulu asked if she could make smoothies. I was in the middle of a project and was quite happy that she took the initiative for a snack. I figured that she would make the smoothie out of kefir since that is what we usually do. But she made it out of regular […]

Clabber Cheese

> I have very much enjoyed taking the GNOWFGLINS series of eCourses. Each of the four courses (a fifth course starts in January) has been extremely educational. Even though I had been doing real/whole/traditional foods for awhile when these courses started, I have still learned a ton.

In the Cultured Dairy eCourse one of my […]

Spicy Pickled Carrots

One of our favorite Lacto-Fermented Vegetables is Spicy Carrots.

These come from a recipe listed in the comments section of this post on GNOWFGLINS (comment #2 from Alyss). I’ve made them several times using the comment as a guide (but leaving out the jalapeno) and they have always been a hit with my family.


Lamb with Spicy Lemons

Over Thanksgiving weekend last year, Joe’s aunt from California came to visit. She brought with her some citrus fruit from various family trees. Including a rather large amount of little lemons.

I turned a half gallon worth of lemons into Spicy Lemons from a recipe in Nourished Kitchen’s Get Cultured (this book is very good […]

Milk Shake Magic

A favorite treat from before we started changing over to real, more nutrient dense foods was Magic Milk Shakes from the Hillbilly Housewife website. They tasted remarkably like a Frosty from Wendy’s and we would have them a few times a week as a snack or dessert. But with the ingredient list (powdered milk, […]

Tuesday Twister October 13


We had a pretty good food week last week. I tried a few new things that we really enjoyed. Wednesday night we had breakfast for dinner. My girls love crepes. For the filling I combined homemade cream cheese (yogurt that the whey has dripped out of) and kefir cheese (2 parts cream cheese to […]

Still Taking Baby Steps

I mentioned a few weeks ago that we have been on a quest to switch over to Whole/Traditional/Real Foods for a while and are slowly making our transitions. I’m pretty pleased with how things are coming along. In that post I mentioned that I had a few things going (sourdough starter, expecting a Kombucha Mother, […]


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