Book Review and Giveaway: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Fermenting Foods

This month at Real Food for Less Money we are focusing on methods and ideas for keeping or getting our food budgets as low as possible. While I had fully intended to do this book review several months ago (I received the book for review in May but with all my traveling this summer did […]

Can you Transition to Real Foods?

Heal Your Gut With Fermented Foods

Real Food for Less Money is a journal of sorts on how my family continues to transition from a Standard American Diet (SAD) to a real/whole/traditional foods diet (real). Our transition as been slow and steady while trying to keep our budget under control. For the first 24 […]

A Lacto-Fermentation Journey

Looking for the Nutrition and Physical Degeneration Book Club? I’m taking this week off. It will return next Wednesday.

Two years ago, I shared a post on our Lacto-Fermentation Hits and Misses. This post was written fairly early on in our real food journey and I was quite new to lacto-fermenting.

Two […]

Design a Dish

Would you like to learn great methods to reduce food waste?

What if you could enjoy one meal for “free” each week?

We’re not talking about gourmet meals but wonderful, simple dishes that you can prepare day in and day out

You’ll be amazed how easy it is to nourish your family with these tasty […]

Working Full Time and Real Foods- Day 1

Menu Plan and "To Do" List

Sunday, the beginning of the week! I used today to plan and prep for the week. I have all of the grocery shopping completed, a menu plan made, a daily to do list ready and have pre made a few items.

I have to admit, I spent more […]

Foods in Review: Week of 1/8/12

This past week I didn’t spend too terribly much time in the kitchen. With tax stuff to be done, regular bookkeeping, my business getting this new website up and running plus getting what seemed to be a cold of some sort, kitchen time was at a premium.

I did try a new recipe […]

Spicy Pickled Carrots

One of our favorite Lacto-Fermented Vegetables is Spicy Carrots.

These come from a recipe listed in the comments section of this post on GNOWFGLINS (comment #2 from Alyss). I’ve made them several times using the comment as a guide (but leaving out the jalapeno) and they have always been a hit with my family.


Preserving Food

Ginger commented on this post about doing more canning and preserving in order to build up food stores. This is something that I think about and hope to implement too.

I haven’t done much canning (why is it called canning when we put everything in jars? Shouldn’t it be jarring?) but the little I’ve done […]

Nectarines, Nectarines and More Nectarines

I ordered 40 pound of nectarines from Azure Standard this month. When I ordered them it didn’t sound like very much (I actually thought of ordering 60 pounds) but when I got them and they were staring at me from their good sized boxes 40 pounds was more than enough.

I have only canned conventionally […]

Lamb with Spicy Lemons

Over Thanksgiving weekend last year, Joe’s aunt from California came to visit. She brought with her some citrus fruit from various family trees. Including a rather large amount of little lemons.

I turned a half gallon worth of lemons into Spicy Lemons from a recipe in Nourished Kitchen’s Get Cultured (this book is very good […]

>Tuesday Twister April 27

> It’s Tuesday and time to share what’s been Twisting in my kitchen. Each week Wardeh at shares what she’s been Twisting and invites us to do the same. Be sure to pop over and see the great Twists being shared and look what Wardeh is doing with liver. In fact, it must be […]

>Tuesday Twister April 6

> Each week Wardeh at hosts the Tuesday Twister where we can share through pictures and words what has been Twisting in our kitchens.

Last month I bought a bag of frozen wild caught Whiting. I was looking for a replacement fish to the farm raised tilapia that we love. The Whiting is […]

>Tuesday Twister March 2

> I haven’t participated in Wardeh’s Tuesday Twister for a couple of weeks but I actually had a couple of things to share now.

I tried a couple of new lacto-ferments. Ginger Carrots and Kimchi. The Kimchi is definitely a Hit but the Ginger Carrots I’m not sure about. They are different. Maybe we all […]

>Tuesday Twister February 16

> Still busy here with work but at least everyone is healthy now. I didn’t do alot of extras again this past week.

Joe did bring me home 5 pounds of carrots that they offered him from his work (part of the bag had froze). I made 3 quarts of Spicy Carrots. We love these […]

Lacto-Fermentation Hits and Misses- Our Results

I have been enjoying my kitchen experiments involving Lacto-Fermenting. I’ve done quite a few different things and thought that an honest review of my results might be beneficial to others.

One thing that I have discovered is that I really love this option of preserving food. My husband thinks that I am slightly obsessed […]