Foods in Review: Week of 1/8/12

This past week I didn’t spend too terribly much time in the kitchen. With tax stuff to be done, regular bookkeeping, my business getting this new website up and running plus getting what seemed to be a cold of some sort, kitchen time was at a premium.

I did try a new recipe […]

Sourdough Pockets

I’ve been looking for lunch ideas for Joe. During the summer he takes a lunch and last summer was pretty sad with peanut butter sandwiches more often than I care to admit. Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon, has some lunch box suggestions. One of those was Empanadas. I used that idea to create a rather […]

Tuesday Twister June 8

It is getting late on Tuesday but I still want to get in my Tuesday Twister. Each week, Wardeh at gnowfglins holds the Tuesday Twister Blog Carnival. I love seeing what people have been working on in other real food kitchens.

This week, I made a double batch of my usual Sourdough Bread which would […]

Tuesday Twister May 25

Tuesday and time to see a few highlights of what’s been Twisting in my kitchen this past week. Wardeh at Gnowfglins hosts the Tuesday Twisterwhere we can share what we have been working on. I love these recaps. It is a great way for me to look back and see how we are doing […]

Navajo Tacos with Sourdough Fry Bread

I love finding new ways to use my sourdough starter. When Joe mentioned that it had been awhile since we had Navajo Tacos, I decided that it was time to play with the Fry Bread recipe that is the basis of these tacos. Have you ever had a Navajo Taco?

The Fry Bread is the […]

>Tuesday Twister March 2

> I haven’t participated in Wardeh’s Tuesday Twister for a couple of weeks but I actually had a couple of things to share now.

I tried a couple of new lacto-ferments. Ginger Carrots and Kimchi. The Kimchi is definitely a Hit but the Ginger Carrots I’m not sure about. They are different. Maybe we all […]

No Knead ‘Emergency’ Bread

I love fresh bread. My family loves fresh bread. Most of the time we eat Sourdough Bread that is super easy to make and perfect for all of our bread needs including sandwiches. Occasionally, we eat the bread faster than I realize and we end up with an empty bread box. We can’t have […]

Tuesday Twister January 26

Each week Wardeh at Gnowfglins hosts Tuesday Twister which provides us with the opportunity to recap what has been happening in our kitchens through pictures and words. This week has been pretty low key. I have been very busy with work (I’m a bookkeeper from home and it is end of the year wrap […]

Sourdough Pita Bread

I know that two days before Christmas I should be sharing something Christmas related with you. But I made these Pita Pockets last week and they were so good I can’t wait to tell you about them. How about I spin them to you as a great bread option for your Christmas turkey leftovers? […]

Minimal Knead Sourdough Sandwich Bread

I love sourdough. I love a big crusty hunk of it to enjoy with stew. But crusty sourdough doesn’t work very well for sandwiches. Making a sourdough that is sandwich bread quality is actually very easy and I’ve been playing with my sourdough recipe to make it even easier. Now in about 20 minutes hands […]

Tuesday Twister November 3


I had a slow kitchen week. We were gone for the weekend which gave me a little kitchen break. I do have a couple of things to share with you. I’ve been using a sourdough starter that I caught for about 5 months now. It is a good little starter that provides us with […]

Fun In The Kitchen

Wardeh at GNOWFGLINS has a new blog carnival (this is only the second week for it). She asks us to share what is ‘Twisting’ in our kitchens through words and pictures. I am a little lacking in the taking good pictures department. I don’t seem to have very good lighting. But anyway, here are […]


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