5 Ways to Afford Real Food on a Meager Budget

A question I’ve received from the beginning of this blog is how do we afford real food on a meager (small, tight, limited, paltry, minuscule, tiny, wee, etc) budget.

I’m happy to share what we’ve found to be helpful in our quest for real food but it is never my intention for anyone to […]

Barley Soup

A few years ago I discovered The Prudent Homemaker’s website. I love this site for the huge amount of frugal ideas. Brandy and her family built up food storage when times were good and had it to fall back on when times were not as good. She shares many recipes featuring her food storage plus […]

Potato and Salmon Patties

This is a tasty lunch that we enjoy as often as we can. Leftover mashed potatoes combined with wild caught canned salmon and an egg or two to hold it all together makes a super easy and delicious patty. These are great fresh out of the pan or served cold making them packed lunch friendly.


Creamy Carrot and Apple Soup

This is a very tasty, easy and inexpensive soup. It is a great use for apples that are slightly past their prime. My little boy particularly loves this soup. You can adjust the amount of curry powder depending on how much heat you like. I’ve made it with the three tablespoons and I loved […]

Menu in Review: Week of January 6

Beginning last week (and continuing for the next couple of weeks) I’ve posted our menu plan after the fact. I wanted to share how even though I use a menu plan almost every week we do not necessarily stick to it 100%. Rather, my menu plan becomes more of a guideline. Things happen– I might […]

Red Beans: Cooking and Favorite Meals

At my house red beans is an all encompassing term for any red bean (I know, obvious). These could be the large red kidney beans or smaller red beans. I tend to alternate on which I purchase. I’ve also found that other than size there is not a huge amount of difference in the beans. […]

Book Review: Real Food Storage

“Then the phone call came. One cold February afternoon, Jeff called to tell me his company did a 20% pay cut across the board. Two months later, it was a 20% reduction in hours on top of that pay cut. Just one month later, I got another afternoon phone […]

Budgets, Rules and Going Forward


Happy 2013!


With the new year here I thought it would be a great time to give an overview of our food philosophy and this blog. When I started this blog late in 2009 I struggled with a name for it. I had been writing about food on a family blog that […]

Free eBooks

I’ve decided to take a vacation from blogging until after the New Year.

As a Thank You for your continued support of Real Food for Less Money, both of my eBooks are available at no charge and with no obligation until 9PM (Mountain) on January 4, 2013. Expired. You may […]

Introduction to Food Storage: Make a Plan

I like making lists. I make a ‘to do’ list almost every morning of the things I need to accomplish that day. I make a menu plan nearly every week. When we have a trip or vacation coming up my planning time usually starts several months in advance (yes, I’m already planning for next summer’s […]

Campfire Broth

Homemade broth is an important part of a real/whole/traditional foods diet. Making broth was one of the first things I started doing when we began to transition to real foods. The homemade broth is wonderful for making soups, cooking beans, making sauces, etc. Broth is a protein sparer which allows you to consume small amounts […]

Menu Plan Week of November 11

It is quite cold here! We had snow and single digit temperatures over the weekend. I think it is supposed to warm up later in the week.

Last week’s menu plan kind of fell apart. Christopher came down with a flu bug Sunday night. He was sick all day Monday which meant my day was […]

Taking the Pantry to the Next Level

Last month I did a few posts on some of the methods we use for tightening our financial belt as far as food costs are concerned. We are smack in the middle of several months of belt tightening. The reason for this is we have a new debt that we are paying. And that debt […]

Menu Plan November 4

Last week’s menu plan turned out great. Planning for breakfast, lunch and dinner really helped me with my organization– something that had been lacking quite a bit lately! We didn’t 100% stick to our breakfast and lunch plan but having it was a great reminder to staying on track. We did stick with our dinner […]

Menu Plan October 28

Last week a friend and I were retrieving the rest of our Azure Standard order (a long story that involved ALOT of driving) and we were discussing real food and how it fits into our lives. Well, mostly I was complaining about how I don’t seem to try new recipes and new things lately. It […]


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