Herdshare Success!

Back in May, I told you about an attempt by the Wyoming Department of Agriculture that, through essentially one word, would eliminate all cow and goat herdshares in Wyoming.

We recently received word that the proposed changes would allow herdshares to continue and would even allow us to actually drink the milk our cows give. […]

Wyoming Herdshares in Jeopardy- We Need Your Help!

I received word late Friday night that the Wyoming Department of Agriculture is attempting to prohibit cow and goat shares in Wyoming. They are attempting to add rules and regulations which have the effect of law unless we stop them.


A Weston A. Price Chapter Leader here in Wyoming discovered this proposed rule change […]

5 Warning Signs You Might be Living in Denial


Do you drag yourself out of bed each morning wondering why you feel so tired, sick, worn out, exhausted, etc? Do you find yourself with a daily headache, stomach ache, afternoon crash or other ‘issue’ that you need to pop a pill for? Do you find yourself (or your child) experiencing ‘mood’ swings or […]

Has the FDA Gone Nuts?

I just heard about this the other day when this article from American Vision News was linked by a friend. Apparently in February of 2010 the FDA sent a warning letter to Diamond Nuts. The warning letter declares that Diamond Nuts are now drugs since the company shows the (accurate) benefits of the omega-3’s in […]

Salt Restrictions

Yesterday I received an action alert from the Weston A. Price Foundation. Here is an excerpt from the action alert:

” The FDA is laying the groundwork for extensive restrictions on salt. This threatens your health and your access to foods traditionally prepared with salt, such as cheese and fermented vegetables. The agency is […]

Menu Week of May 9

Wow. What a week last week was. Joe has been working 10- 12 hour days while his co-worker is out on medical leave. When the weather permits I’m working on getting our garden ready. Speaking of weather, we’ve still been chilly here and had some snow last week with the possibility of snow this week. […]

>Menu Week of April 18

>Another busy week last week. We had great weather last week and no thunder storms but some wind a few days. We got more outside stuff worked on and a few things even completed. I changed my menu plan a bit last week and ended up doing breakfast for dinner on Thursday and Saturday morning […]

>Food Freedom


Do you think that you should be able to choose what food is best to feed your family? Do you think that if you believe raw milk is superior to homogenized, pasteurized, setting in a plastic container milk that you should be able to provide raw milk for your family? If your neighbor […]