Menu Week of July 6

Menu Week of July 6

Hello! I hope you had a terrific weekend. We went up to our property to do a few things to get ready to start construction on this Friday. My sister and her husband joined us. It was a fun time! We watched the fireworks show on Friday night and took an amazing drive up the […]

Menu Week of February 2



Our welcome to February here in Wyoming includes a day this week with a forecast high of -3. I’m not going to lie. Negative 3 is cold. But truthfully it’s not terribly bad unless the wind is blowing too. If the wind is blowing then it is a good day to stay […]

Menu Week of January 12

Wednesday morning bright and early I’m leaving town. I’m going to Tampa, FL for Freedom 2014 Conference for my skinny wrap business. Joe will be holding down the fort here at home. Usually when I’m leaving town I prepare a few things for the family to have while I’m gone. Since cooking is a bit […]

Menu Week of January 5

Menu Week of January 12 Real Food for Less Money

This is a sad time. My daughter’s boyfriend lost his mom Saturday night. She was only 43. Her death comes just a few days after he lost his uncle and his dad had a severe asthma attack. His dad is still very ill and unable to take care of himself. My heart aches for JT […]

Menu Week of December 29

Menu week of December 29

A few weeks ago I shared my broken hand menu plan. That week Joe helped me do a bunch of cooking on Sunday afternoon and I was able to easily heat meals at supper time each week. This was wonderful! It was super helpful since things like cutting and slicing is challenging with a cast […]

My Christmas Present to Myself

I’ve been sharing for the last year plus about my menopause journey. I’ll tell you, this is a journey that has not been too terribly fun. It’s a lot like being stuck on a roller coaster. You can’t get off and it just keeps going through the loop de loops. Not the most fun […]

Baked Custard

Hot or cold this baked custard makes a wonderful breakfast, dessert or snack! Add an extra sprinkle of nutmeg right before serving. Delicious!

For several years I took a hiatus of sorts from cooking. Most of what we ate during that time was dine out, take out or frozen. On occasion I’d […]

Almond Meal Pudding- Hotel Room Style

Travel season is officially here! When my family is away from home we still strive to stick with the traditional food style of eating that we enjoy at home. By eating the way we are accustomed we can help reduce any dietary distress and feel our best while we are out enjoying ourselves.

While sticking […]

Potato and Salmon Patties

This is a tasty lunch that we enjoy as often as we can. Leftover mashed potatoes combined with wild caught canned salmon and an egg or two to hold it all together makes a super easy and delicious patty. These are great fresh out of the pan or served cold making them packed lunch friendly.


Grain-Free Almond Meal Pudding

One of my real life friends shared a great grain-free breakfast treat. She calls it Almond Flour Pudding. She says she’s been making it for some time and picked it up somewhere but doesn’t remember where. An Internet search yielded a few ‘Almond Pudding’ results but none quite like this incredibly simple version. I have […]