Wood Stove Cooking

With winter in full force we have a fire going in our wood stove pretty much all of the time. The wood stove is our main heat source. Originally we had planned to install a lovely antique wood cook stove but decided that while it would do the job for cooking it wouldn’t be […]

Stewed Meat- 2 Ways

Tougher cuts of meat can be very budget friendly. Preparing the meat in a manner that makes those tough cuts tender and delicious is important. If your tough cut is a steak a great method is to pound the meat and do something like this tasty chicken fry. If your tough cut is chunks or […]

Money v. Time Kickoff

This month’s experience for Someone Else’s Shoes is two-fold. The two most common conversations that come up when discussing a diet based on real/whole/traditional foods are the money involved and the time involved.

I believe that we can eat a real food diet based on whole, high quality ingredients for an average amount of money. […]

How to Make the Best Beef Short Ribs EVER


I have a confession, each month when I pick up my beef CSA order I rapidly tear into the bag. I can’t wait to see what surprises await me.

We get 10 pounds of beef each month as part of our 1 share order. Usually I get some hamburger and maybe a roast […]

Naturally Leavened Muffins

A few weeks ago I made a double batch of muffins. I realized as soon as they were in the oven that I’d forgot to add any baking powder or baking soda. Oops.

I expected to end up with stones instead of muffins. I was super surprised to pull beautiful muffins with a terrific rise […]

Thrifty Food Plan: End of Week 1 and Intro to Week 2

$172 per week, two weeks, family of 5, real food.

That is the current experience. We’re starting completely from scratch following the monetary guidelines put out by the USDA for the Cost of Food at Home Thrifty Food Plan. The USDA attaches a weekly dollar amount to each person dependent on age and sex. You […]

Sprouted Pea Egg Foo Yung

The other day I posted about a wonderful and inexpensive legume that we’ve added to our food storage and menu. Whole peas come in at only 41 cents a pound (Azure Standard quantity 25 pounds). We made three tasty dishes with our peas. One was an Egg Foo Yung.

These were very much like the […]

A Lacto-Fermentation Journey

Looking for the Nutrition and Physical Degeneration Book Club? I’m taking this week off. It will return next Wednesday.

Two years ago, I shared a post on our Lacto-Fermentation Hits and Misses. This post was written fairly early on in our real food journey and I was quite new to lacto-fermenting.

Two […]

Add This Incredibly Inexpensive Legume to Your Menu Plan and Food Storage

Last year, my friend Andi shared this post on sprouting. I was totally intrigued by the sprouted peas. Especially the cost of those peas. $8.05 for 25 pounds seemed like a steal! I had to try them. Like everything, the price of these peas has increased. I got mine through Azure Standard. Today’s cost is […]

Milk Shake Magic

This recipe was shared originally in May of 2010. I decided to highlight it today in honor of Valentine’s Day. Chocolate is the perfect treat for this day.


A favorite treat from before we started changing over to real, more nutrient dense foods was Magic Milk Shakes from the Hillbilly Housewife website. […]

Food Processor to the Rescue!

So I have to admit, there is a good chance that this post will be of benefit to no one but myself. But I’m going to share anyway because possibly, maybe, perhaps there is another person out there with a freezer full of antelope and venison that may really need this information.

We process […]

Recipe and Video: Blue Cheese Salad Dressing

Homespun Oasis Menu Week of March 30


I am totally trying something new with this post. I wanted to share this yummy Blue Cheese Dressing but my camera couldn’t do the dressing justice. So I thought “I know, I’ll make a video.” I have to say that being technologically challenged, making a video is easier said than done. The first […]

Foods in Review: Week of 1/15/2012

This past week was another busy one. We started redoing the girls/guest bathroom a few weekends ago. Sunday and Monday (a holiday) were spent working on it. I had the privilege of being the tile layer. I tell you, I could barely stand up straight for 2 days after that! The bathroom is nearing completion […]

Foods in Review: Week of 1/8/12

This past week I didn’t spend too terribly much time in the kitchen. With tax stuff to be done, regular bookkeeping, my business getting this new website up and running plus getting what seemed to be a cold of some sort, kitchen time was at a premium.

I did try a new recipe […]

Goodbye Microwave, Hello Counter Space!

Over two years ago I put up a post with pictures of my kitchen. In the post I mentioned that we were going to get rid of the microwave but then my adult daughter moved in so we kept it for her use. Since then, that daughter moved out and my oldest daughter moved […]