Foods in Review: Week of 1/1/12

From August of 2009 until February of 2011, Wardeh from GNOWFGLINS hosted a weekly blog carnival known as Tuesday Twister. The purpose of the carnival was to share through words and pictures what was ‘twisting’ in our real food kitchens. I really enjoyed participating in Tuesday Twister and found incredible inspiration seeing what others […]

Pinto Beans: Cooking and Favorite Meals

Pinto Beans are prominently featured in my 13 Week Rotating Menu Plan on 3 different weeks (as Stretchy Beans) in those 3 plus months.

Pintos have been a very familiar food for me since I was a child. My mama would make a big pot of pintos every Friday night and that was our […]

Cheap Eating circa 1878

I found these books available online recently. They were all written in the late 1870’s by Juliet Corson. I’ve enjoyed them. Many of the food suggestions and ideas are still appropriate.

The first book is Practical American Cookery and Household Management. It is available in a PDF version also but I could not get it […]

Nectarines, Nectarines and More Nectarines

I ordered 40 pound of nectarines from Azure Standard this month. When I ordered them it didn’t sound like very much (I actually thought of ordering 60 pounds) but when I got them and they were staring at me from their good sized boxes 40 pounds was more than enough.

I have only canned conventionally […]

Sourdough Flatbread

I often post about different recipes and uses for my sourdough starter. You might be thinking that I have a sourdough obsession. You might be right. I think I do. I have a goal to someday produce only naturally leavened baked goods.

This weeks sourdough experiment was Flatbread (also called Naan) to go along […]

Tuesday Twister June 8

It is getting late on Tuesday but I still want to get in my Tuesday Twister. Each week, Wardeh at gnowfglins holds the Tuesday Twister Blog Carnival. I love seeing what people have been working on in other real food kitchens.

This week, I made a double batch of my usual Sourdough Bread which would […]

Milk Shake Magic

A favorite treat from before we started changing over to real, more nutrient dense foods was Magic Milk Shakes from the Hillbilly Housewife website. They tasted remarkably like a Frosty from Wendy’s and we would have them a few times a week as a snack or dessert. But with the ingredient list (powdered milk, […]

>Recycling… Food


I’ve mentioned before how I do alot of planned overs. Making one meal and planning on turning it into another meal. This week ended up being the ultimate planned over week quite by accident. I know that I put up my menu for the week on Monday so this is a little repetitive but […]

Spicy Old-Fashioned Gingerbread

I love reading historical fiction. In the books I read the ladies always make sure to have a treat on hand in case visitors drop by and for their children and ‘menfolk’. Gingerbread seems to have been a very popular treat usually topped with applesauce or with whipped cream. I love the flavor of […]

>Tuesday Twister April 6

> Each week Wardeh at hosts the Tuesday Twister where we can share through pictures and words what has been Twisting in our kitchens.

Last month I bought a bag of frozen wild caught Whiting. I was looking for a replacement fish to the farm raised tilapia that we love. The Whiting is […]

>Tuesday Twister March 2

> I haven’t participated in Wardeh’s Tuesday Twister for a couple of weeks but I actually had a couple of things to share now.

I tried a couple of new lacto-ferments. Ginger Carrots and Kimchi. The Kimchi is definitely a Hit but the Ginger Carrots I’m not sure about. They are different. Maybe we all […]

Tuesday Twister January 26

Each week Wardeh at Gnowfglins hosts Tuesday Twister which provides us with the opportunity to recap what has been happening in our kitchens through pictures and words. This week has been pretty low key. I have been very busy with work (I’m a bookkeeper from home and it is end of the year wrap […]

Brown Rice Sushi

We love Sushi. For years and years when we lived in Oregon we went out for sushi on a regular basis. I hate to think how much money that we spent eating sushi out over the years. I had no idea that it was so easy to make at home. Fair warning; I’m sure that […]

Lacto-Fermentation Hits and Misses- Our Results

I have been enjoying my kitchen experiments involving Lacto-Fermenting. I’ve done quite a few different things and thought that an honest review of my results might be beneficial to others.

One thing that I have discovered is that I really love this option of preserving food. My husband thinks that I am slightly obsessed […]

Design A Stew/Soup

We eat a fair amount of soups and stews. Soups and stews are a great way to stretch a tight food budget. I use nutrient rich bone broth as my soup base, add a fair amount of vegetables and a bit of protein usually in the form of meat. And of course during the winter […]