Menu Week of August 19- Back to School!

It has been an interesting few weeks! With work, a minor kitchen re-do, a new job for Kiki, getting ready for back to school and a few health issues (mine- I’ll share more later but it is nothing “serious”) I’ve struggled to keep my head above water. My meal planning has also suffered the past […]

Thrifty Food Plan Experience: The End

$172 per week, two weeks, family of 5, real food.

That is the current experience as part of the series Someone Else’s Shoes. We’re starting completely from scratch following the monetary guidelines put out by the USDA for the Cost of Food at Home Thrifty Food Plan. The USDA attaches a weekly dollar amount to […]

Just Like the Fair! Corn Dog Muffins

I have a confession. I really like corn dogs. When I was going to school in downtown Portland I used to ride the MAX (light rail transit) and it let me off at Pioneer Square. There was a corn dog stand there and once a week I bought one. That was 22 years ago and […]

Frito Boats

When I was growing up, there was a Drive-In at the end of town. Have you been to one of those places? You sit in your car and a girl on skates comes out and takes your order. Then brings it out on a tray that hangs off your window and you eat in your […]

Help: Brown Bag Lunch Ideas Needed


My high school girls pack a lunch. This is the first year they have done that. Previously they ate school lunches. They now pack lunches because the price of school lunches continues to rise and the quality continues to go down. I was somewhat okay with school lunches before since both girls preferred the […]

Lunch Plan List

I have been spending quite a bit of time talking about my 13 Week Menu Plan. While my menu plan only lists dinners we really do eat other meals here too đŸ™‚ I have already done a post on what we do for breakfasts and thought I would also share about lunches.

Just like for […]

Sourdough Pizza Crust

A few years ago, we started enjoying homemade pizza. At first, I was a little intimidated to make a pizza, crust and all, from scratch. But our budget was taking a beating on things like dine out pizza. Once I started making it, I became addicted to it. The pizza was very good, surprisingly easy […]