Menu Plan Week of August 18 & Challenge Update

Last week I didn’t really put a menu plan together. Not putting a menu plan together actually worked pretty well. BUT not well enough that I’m comfortable winging it this also! So I’m putting together a loose menu plan for main dishes. We should have a few things ripen in the garden this week to […]

Menu Week of August 11 & Challenge Update

No Grocery Store Challenge 300 x214

I decided not to do a menu plan this week. Instead, I’m going to wing it and plan the meals each night after supper. I’ll be honest, this type of planning hasn’t really worked for me in the past but I thought it was time to give it another shot. Honestly, it seems a smart […]

Basic Guidelines for Acquiring Food

grape vine June 2013

One thing that has changed in our journey to real food is how we shop. In many ways we completely relearned this shopping skill. This was not something that happened overnight and in some ways it wasn’t completely an easy task.

Before we could relearn our shopping we needed to figure out how best to […]

Menu Plan Week of August 4 and Challenge Update

No Grocery Store Challenge 300 x214

I’m running behind on my menu plan this week. We spent the weekend up at our new property and I’ve had a busy day today. I finally decided that I’d better start thinking about our food for this week.

Last week I let you know that we are challenging ourselves not to shop in a […]

Menu Plan Week of July 28 & a Challenge for August

I’m very happy to be back home in Wyoming!

Little Boy and I were gone for just under two weeks. The first week we went to Oregon for my work. I’m happy to say that the work went well. On Friday of that week my oldest girl and my youngest girl both joined us at […]

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