Menu Week of August 26

Week 2 of school but the first full week. We seem to be adjusting to our schedule. Christopher really missed his sisters last week and kept asking where they were. This week he and I will be starting preschool (homeschool) so hopefully that will help pass the time. A friend told me about Before Five […]

Super Flexible Stuffed Burritos

While we were on our family vacation this summer we ate out at Chipotle’s. We each had a huge stuffed burrito and while dining Joe said we should eat more burritos. I was surprised by that since we often have some sort of burrito, taco or tostado as part of our Stretchy Bean dishes.

My […]

Purple Chicken Stir-Fry


Purple Chicken Stir-Fry! Such a wonderful and adaptable dish! My daughter dubbed this Purple Chicken Stir Fry since the beet stems made everything a lovely purplish color. Sometimes I’ll leave the beet stems out and then it’s just a regular old stir fry and still delicious!

This is a recipe based loosely off of […]

Thrifty Food Plan Experience

This eBook is an in-depth look at the 2 week Thrifty Food Plan Experience that my family did in March of 2012. 67 pages of thoughts, tips, and ideas plus a 2 week menu plan, over 40 recipes and links to many more.


This experience was based off of the USDA’s food cost guidelines. […]

Thrifty Food Plan Experience: Almost the End

$172 per week, two weeks, family of 5, real food.

That is the current experience as part of the series Someone Else’s Shoes. We’re starting completely from scratch following the monetary guidelines put out by the USDA for the Cost of Food at Home Thrifty Food Plan. The USDA attaches a weekly dollar amount […]

How to fit 18 Chickens on one Shelf of a Side-by-Side Freezer

Recently, I wrote an article on food storage. I mentioned in that article that we use our freezer as part of our food storage plan. We have a large chest freezer and the side-by-side freezer that is part of the refrigerator/freezer combination. This past year to maximize our freezer space we decided to not just […]

Guest Post: Chicken Divan

I’m excited to have Teryl here today to share a very tasty main dish with you. I ‘met’ Teryl in the GNOWFGLINS eCourse Forum where she posted the recipe she is sharing with a request to rework it and make it more nutritious (nutrient dense/less processed). The recipe sounded delicious and a few simple changes […]

Frozen Assets

It is always nice during a busy time to know that my freezer holds the basic components for a wonderful meal. I love being able to pull a few things out of the freezer in the morning and then in the evening spend a couple of minutes on assembly and Voila! We have a wonderful […]

Curry Lo Mein Style Dinner

You ever have a night when nothing sounds good? Maybe the menu plan you so diligently made just doesn’t quite work for that night? Or maybe you just didn’t bother to make a menu plan for the week. Sometimes I have those kind of nights. I’ve been on a quest lately to try to find […]

Chicken Fry

I love a good Chicken Fried Steak. I love the crispy coating covering the meat. And I really love to make it even better by serving the steaks with mashed potatoes and country gravy. YUM. Of course, for years I didn’t eat or cook Chicken Fried anything because of the fat. Now that I […]

>Recycling… Food


I’ve mentioned before how I do alot of planned overs. Making one meal and planning on turning it into another meal. This week ended up being the ultimate planned over week quite by accident. I know that I put up my menu for the week on Monday so this is a little repetitive but […]

>Tuesday Twister April 27

> It’s Tuesday and time to share what’s been Twisting in my kitchen. Each week Wardeh at shares what she’s been Twisting and invites us to do the same. Be sure to pop over and see the great Twists being shared and look what Wardeh is doing with liver. In fact, it must be […]

>He Was a Happy Rooster


One thing that is important to me in our Real Food is endeavor being aware of where our food is coming from. We hope some day in the future to be able to consume most of our food from local sources. But like everything, it takes time to make that happen. It has been […]

My Version of Broth

I thought I would share with you how I make broth. If you are a broth/stock purist you will not want to read this post. If you are a busy slightly scatter brained person (like me) working with a tight food budget (also like me) then this might interest you. I make about a […]

Planned Overs


I love the concept of a Rubber Chicken. Cooking one chicken and turning it into 2, 3 or more meals is not a new idea. Here is a post that shows how to turn that chicken into five meals. I’ve been using the Rubber Chicken (or Planned Overs) concept for quite awhile but not […]