Planning for a Smokehouse

Time for venison chicken fry! We have had a great year for filling our freezer and are definitely enjoying plenty of chicken fried venison and antelope.

One of the things we love about Wyoming is the hunting opportunities. This year our big game hunting was very successful with Joe filling all of his tags; […]

Menu Week of November 24 ~ Thanksgiving


Last year at this time our kitchen was upside down in the process of getting a makeover. As a result we had our Thanksgiving meal at a local hotel that did a buffet. While the buffet was fine, it was certainly not the same as our usual at-home Thanksgivings. This year the kitchen is […]

Super Flexible Stuffed Burritos

While we were on our family vacation this summer we ate out at Chipotle’s. We each had a huge stuffed burrito and while dining Joe said we should eat more burritos. I was surprised by that since we often have some sort of burrito, taco or tostado as part of our Stretchy Bean dishes.

My […]

Hungarian Turkey Legs

I used the Drumsticks, Thighs, Drummettes and Middle Wings that I cut off a whole turkey for this delicious and easy recipe. Using the crock pot makes this a very simple meal as far as preparation goes. This recipe is one I saw many years ago in a magazine. I have made it using chicken […]

What To Do With a Whole Turkey

I had a turkey in the freezer that we did not use for Thanksgiving. I admit to being slightly turkey challenged. I’ve roasted a few of them over the years but that is about the extent of my turkey experience. I’m great at using the bird post roasting but had no idea of other ways […]