Foods in Review: Week of January 22

I am happy to report that our bathroom project is just about finished. The room is now fully functional and we are working on the details. One thing still to come is a new shower curtain. Our tubs/shower surrounds have built in doors and they have seen better days. So that is being removed and […]

Garbanzo Beans and Sprouted Wheat

Looking for a new garbanzo bean recipe, I found a very promising one titled simply Garbanzo Beans and Bulgur. My only problem with the recipe was my lack of bulgur in the house. But I do have wheat that I thought might substitute well if I sprouted it. Boy did it! This recipe was […]

Menu Week of December 5 Plus More

I recently had the privilege of guest posting at GNOWFGLINS. Wardeh was very kind to allow me to share some of my thoughts on preparing real food and working a full time job. If you have any suggestions on how to make Real Food, Fast please add to the comments.

I do have a few […]

Venison Curry over Cauliflower ‘Rice’

I have been wanting Indian food since a new Indian restaurant has opened in town and everyone is talking about it. But our budget is tight right now and the restaurant is quite spendy. So I decided to make a curry and since venison (deer) is what I had thawing out it became a venison […]

Sweet and Sour Venison Meatballs

My husband and I both grew up eating wild game. For the most part we had venison (deer) but some elk too. We are still fortunate to be able to enjoy venison and elk and, now that we live in Wyoming, antelope. The thing with wild game is that it can taste a little ‘gamey’. […]