Joplin 66 Hostel

In April of this year we needed to make a trip down to where my parents are living to visit and take care of a few business issues. Originally we planned on being down there about a week and a half. A hotel room for that amount of time would be pretty steep. We considered […]

Menu Week of February 8, 2016

Hello from Texas!

We are so happy to have a few days to rest and recuperate enjoying each other’s company before heading west. We’ve had a nice visit with some friends who live part of the year in Wyoming near where we are building our cabin. We were pretty excited to find out they live […]

Menu Week of February 1, 2016

I often find myself singing or humming part of a tune that fits the circumstances. We’ve been in Oklahoma for the last several months and many times the song “Oklahoma!” comes out of my mouth. My husband is often singing “You’re the Reason God Made Oklahoma” or “Living on Tulsa Time“.

This week the […]

Pictures and Plans for Week of July 21

Quite often on Sunday or Monday I put up our menu plan for the week. This week my menu plan isn’t much. Lulu, Little Boy and I are on the west coast. Last week we were in one spot while I worked. This week we’ll be on the road a bit while we travel to […]

Menu (Loose) Plan Week of July 14

Multnomah Falls- Oregon 2012 Trip

This week I’ll be driving to Oregon and then working there. Our little boy will be going along with me. I am very fortunate to have work that I can do from home most of the time and then when I do need to be on site (two or […]

Almond Meal Pudding- Hotel Room Style

Travel season is officially here! When my family is away from home we still strive to stick with the traditional food style of eating that we enjoy at home. By eating the way we are accustomed we can help reduce any dietary distress and feel our best while we are out enjoying ourselves.

While sticking […]

Menu Plan Week of April 21– Mama’s Gone

This week’s menu plan is going to be more of a guideline than anything. Tuesday morning at 6AM I’ll be on an airplane heading for Oregon. I need to go back for an internal audit for my machine shop job. We are an industry standard certified shop which means we get to enjoy two audits […]

A Favorite Picnic Salad

I love to travel. As a child we didn’t have many family vacations but I do remember a couple of trips. One was a camping trip from our home in Kansas to Idaho and back. Driving most of the day and camping in a new campground at night was very fun to a young girl! […]

Real Food Hits the Road

Are you planning to hit the road for a family vacation?

Want to take a road trip but the idea of eating out three meals a day doesn’t work for your budget or your health?

Would you like to continue with a real/whole/traditional style of eating while away from home?

Love the idea of eating […]

Menu Plan Week of December 2

This week’s menu plan actually features two separate plans.

On Saturday (December 1) I left town for my work and my family remained at home to fend for themselves. Considering that one of my titles at home is Head Chef there was some concern that they all might starve while the Head Chef was gone […]

Giveaway: Perfect for a Road Trip

Each month during the Someone Else’s Shoes experience I have a giveaway to coincide with that month’s experience. The first two weeks of June the experience was Real Food Hits the Road. I fully intended to have a giveaway shortly after we returned home as the series was wrapped up. Little did I know at […]

Home Again!

Multnomah Falls

The children and I arrived home from Oregon on Saturday afternoon. The girls had a great visit with family and my work went quite well. But it is sure good to be home!

My food week in Oregon did not go as well as I had hoped. We did take along a […]

On the Road Again

We are back in Wyoming after our surprise trip down to Oklahoma. The children and I were down there for a week and then my husband came down along with my sister and her family. We all drove home on Saturday choosing to drive ‘straight-thru’ arriving home around 4AM on Sunday.

This 10 day trip […]

Real Food Hits the Road: Week 2 Wrap-Up


Real Food Hits the Road is the latest installment to the series Someone Else’s Shoes. The purpose of this experience was to see if we could follow our usual 85% real food eating while on the road. We were on the road the evening of June 1 to the night of June 16. […]

Real Food Hits the Road: Week 1 Wrap-Up

Yuma Territorial Prison

Real Food Hits the Road is the latest installment to the series Someone Else’s Shoes. The purpose of this experience was to see if we could follow our usual 85% real food eating while on the road. We are now home from being on the road the evening of June 1 […]