Guest Posting at GNOWFGLINS

Hi Friends!

I know it has been forever since I posted. We went on our fabulous trip to Oregon for my daughter’s college graduation and had a terrific time. Upon returning, I started a full time temp job and have been running ever since.

I have the privilege of guest posting over at GNOWFGLINS on […]

Road Trip: Segment 5- Part 2 of the Long Trip Home

Photo Credit: hoi polloi on flickr

We are up to the final leg of our Road/Camping trip back to Oregon for my daughter’s graduation. Segment 5: Part 2 of the Long Trip Home.

Here are links to the other segments;

Segment 1: Car Trip

Segment 2: Visiting Family and the Graduation

Segment 3: Camping […]

Week of June 5: The Week Without a Menu Plan


Photo Credit This time next week we’ll be at the beach. However, not a beach that looks like the above picture.

Photo Credit

We’ll be at a beach more like this one. We are going to be visiting the Oregon Coast in the Oregon Sand Dune region. We’re going to Oregon for my oldest […]

Road Trip: Segment 3- Camping at the Beach

My oldest daughter is graduating from college next month. She went to school in Oregon so we’ll be driving back there for graduation. After the graduation we’ll be taking a bit of a camping vacation. I’ve been sharing some of our plans especially as far as the menu planning aspect goes.

Our trip is divided […]

Road Trip: Segment 2- Visiting Family and The Graduation

Next month we’ll be taking a road trip to Oregon for my oldest daughter’s college graduation. Back in February I put out a plea for help with my menu planning for the trip. You all were wonderful and gave me some great ideas in the comments which really helped me get creative in my planning. […]

Road Trip Food Ideas

Last month I shared that we’re planning for Vacation. Yes, it is still a few months off but I love my planning time! Our vacation this year will be a road trip back to Oregon for my oldest daughter’s college graduation. After the graduation ceremony we will be camping on the Oregon Coast for 3 […]

Food for a Road Trip/Camping Trip

I’m going to interrupt my normal talk about beans and my menu planning to share something else I’m excited about.

VACATION! Granted, vacation is still several months away but I’m already in full planning mode. I have to admit that I enjoy the planning part of things (does that surprise anyone that I’m a […]