Menu Plan Week of October 21

Last week I was feeling under the weather and didn’t get a menu plan put together. In fact, I was feeling so bad that Joe and the girls took over kitchen duties for a few days. They were happy we had a few quick to prepare foods on hand.

After I started feeling better we […]

Menu Plan Week of October 6

We had a big blizzard on Friday. The picture above was the view out our front door on Friday morning. We did have a lot of snow but no damage. We lost a chick this morning. It hadn’t developed enough feathers yet (it was about 8 weeks old) and couldn’t handle the cold. The […]

Menu Plan Week of August 18 & Challenge Update

Last week I didn’t really put a menu plan together. Not putting a menu plan together actually worked pretty well. BUT not well enough that I’m comfortable winging it this also! So I’m putting together a loose menu plan for main dishes. We should have a few things ripen in the garden this week to […]

Menu Plan Week of June 23

This week promises to be busy and exciting. We are adding some new members to our little place. I’ll share more about that when they arrive. We have also had a secret ‘project’ of sorts that we’ve been pursuing which should finish up this week. And we’ll have the usual summer busy items including getting […]

Menu Plan Week of June 16

I have a confession to make. I have been avoiding going to the grocery store. For several weeks now I’ve only stopped by the market when absolutely necessary and only to pick up things that I think we can’t live without. Usually that is fresh produce but even that has been sparser than it probably […]

Menu Plan Week of June 9

I hope you are having a terrific Monday! We had a great and very productive weekend. We finished putting in the garden, planted a few small trees, and put some grass seed in a bare spot. Now that the garden is in our focus will be on fixing more of the bare spots in our […]

Menu Plan Week of May 12

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I have a confession, I didn’t follow last week’s menu plan at all. Not that it was much of a plan to start! I never did put those new beans on to soak so […]

Black Beans: Cooking and Favorite Meals

You may know that I have a slight obsession with beans. Beans are a wonderfully frugal whole food, they have an excellent nutritional profile, and are extremely versatile. There are hundreds of varieties of beans/legumes available which really helps keep things interesting. Beans also make an excellent addition to your food storage.

For ease of […]

Menu Plan Week of April 14

Snow Ducks!

I love spring in Wyoming! We are finally getting some precipitation which is wonderful. I am very much looking forward to green grass soon. Of course, the precipitation is in the form of snow. On Tuesday we had around a foot in the yard. However with the wind we did have a […]

Menu Plan Week of April 7

My little boy shared his cold with me. Joe took over all of the cooking duties over the weekend while I took it easy. I’m still feeling pretty blah. I’ve made a very basic menu plan for the week. You’ll notice there are no veggies in the plan. I was sick on my usual town […]

Favorite Meat-Free Meals

In my post yesterday, 5 Ways to Afford Real Food on a Meager Budget, I talked about how we ate less meat but still had high quality meals. In this post I share a few of our favorite meat-free meals.

Creamed Onions with Thyme and Sage

This is a dish that we love and […]

Menu Plan Week of March 31

Spring in Wyoming. Saturday was a perfect example of a spring like day for here. We woke up to rain. A little bit later that rain become a sleet/hail type thing. Then we had big fat snowflakes. That kept up until around noon time. Once it stopped it suddenly warmed up and everything melted rather […]

Menu Week of March 3

Real quick before I go on to the menu plan discussion—

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Menu Plan Week of February 24

Last week of February. 2013 is zooming by! My girls have spring break already next week. We’ve had snow for the last several days so it seems kind of strange to be thinking about spring break already. They do have it incredibly early here.

This weeks menu plan features a stretchy chicken and stretchy white […]

Menu Plan Week of February 10

I’m very excited! I’m on the home stretch for getting all of the tax stuff together and off to the CPA for my bookkeeping job. It is always a good feeling to be done with that and have it passed on to the CPA for her to do her thing.

My husband is going […]