Foods in Review: Week of 1/1/12

From August of 2009 until February of 2011, Wardeh from GNOWFGLINS hosted a weekly blog carnival known as Tuesday Twister. The purpose of the carnival was to share through words and pictures what was ‘twisting’ in our real food kitchens. I really enjoyed participating in Tuesday Twister and found incredible inspiration seeing what others […]

Tuesday Twister July 13

This summer has been a busy time. We have still been eating of course but most of our meals have been very simple and repetitive with me just doing the basics in the kitchen each day/week. I’ll catch up you up on a few things that have been going on.

We have been spending alot […]

Tuesday Twister June 8

It is getting late on Tuesday but I still want to get in my Tuesday Twister. Each week, Wardeh at gnowfglins holds the Tuesday Twister Blog Carnival. I love seeing what people have been working on in other real food kitchens.

This week, I made a double batch of my usual Sourdough Bread which would […]

Tuesday Twister June 1

Tuesday’s are the time that I recap what has been Twisting in my kitchen the previous week. Wardeh at gnowfglins is our wonderful hostess for this Carnival.

I’m a little low on pictures this week. I took a few but for some reason they all turned out blurry. So I’ll tell you about a […]

Tuesday Twister May 25

Tuesday and time to see a few highlights of what’s been Twisting in my kitchen this past week. Wardeh at Gnowfglins hosts the Tuesday Twisterwhere we can share what we have been working on. I love these recaps. It is a great way for me to look back and see how we are doing […]

>Tuesday Twister May 18

> Last week a few of our meals were based on a pot of pinto beans. If you have ever taken a look at my menu plans we do have legumes on a regular basis. They are a great way to stretch a tight budget while being a good source of protein and minerals. I […]

>Tuesday Twister May 11

> Last week was a pretty good food week. We enjoyed delicious Spinach Crepes Bernoise. I can not say enough about these. If you would like to add organ meats to your diet these are a wonderfully flavorful way to do it.

We are still eating soups. The weather continues to be on the […]

>Tuesday Twister May 4

> My Tuesday Twister is lacking in pictures of food. It’s been another busy week and I kept forgetting to take photographs before all the food was gone. I do have a few other sort of food related pictures of things I’ve been working on.

This is the garden. Or will be soon. Currently I […]

>Tuesday Twister April 27

> It’s Tuesday and time to share what’s been Twisting in my kitchen. Each week Wardeh at shares what she’s been Twisting and invites us to do the same. Be sure to pop over and see the great Twists being shared and look what Wardeh is doing with liver. In fact, it must be […]

>Tuesday Twister April 20

> Another Tuesday! Is it just me or do the weeks fly by? It’s been another busy week. I’m sure we’ve eaten but I only have two pictures to show for it.

Spring is here and so are the Deviled Eggs! I had duck eggs from a friend and they made amazing deviled eggs. I’m […]

>Tuesday Twister April 13

> It’s Tuesday and time for Wardeh’s Tuesday Twister event. Each week Wardeh asks us to share what has been happening in our kitchens through pictures and words. The past week the weather has been beautiful here so I spent a little less time in the house and more time outside working on projects.

For […]

>Tuesday Twister April 6

> Each week Wardeh at hosts the Tuesday Twister where we can share through pictures and words what has been Twisting in our kitchens.

Last month I bought a bag of frozen wild caught Whiting. I was looking for a replacement fish to the farm raised tilapia that we love. The Whiting is […]

>Tuesday Twister March 2

> I haven’t participated in Wardeh’s Tuesday Twister for a couple of weeks but I actually had a couple of things to share now.

I tried a couple of new lacto-ferments. Ginger Carrots and Kimchi. The Kimchi is definitely a Hit but the Ginger Carrots I’m not sure about. They are different. Maybe we all […]

>Tuesday Twister February 16

> Still busy here with work but at least everyone is healthy now. I didn’t do alot of extras again this past week.

Joe did bring me home 5 pounds of carrots that they offered him from his work (part of the bag had froze). I made 3 quarts of Spicy Carrots. We love these […]

>Tuesday Twister February 9

> Another quiet week in my kitchen. I’ve still been working quite a bit and I’ve been surrounded by sickies and even succumbed to sickness myself. We were fortunate to even have meals on the table this past week.

Sweet and Sour Venison Meatballs

Sweet and Sour Venison Meatballs were delicious. Kiki said they […]


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