Herdshare Success!

Back in May, I told you about an attempt by the Wyoming Department of Agriculture that, through essentially one word, would eliminate all cow and goat herdshares in Wyoming.

We recently received word that the proposed changes would allow herdshares to continue and would even allow us to actually drink the milk our cows give. The previous wording indicated that raw milk could not be served or provided for human consumption.

Read more about this victory at the Farm-to-Consumer-Legal-Defense Fund website.

Thanks to all who made your voice heard either in writing or at the various meetings held around the state.

Updated to add: I should mention that while I am celebrating— this is not yet over. The governor still needs to sign off on the proposal. I’m very hopeful that will happen! I’ll post another update when I know more.



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  1. Karen

    Sincerely hope that herdshares will eventually become as common as community gardens and that everyone will have access to clean, real, raw dairy products, throughout North America.

    Right now where I live, it is easier to get crack than raw milk. What’s wrong with that picture?

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