Milk Shake Magic

This recipe was shared originally in May of 2010.  I decided to highlight it today in honor of Valentine’s Day. Chocolate is the perfect treat for this day.


 Magic Milk Shake

A favorite treat from before we started changing over to real, more nutrient dense foods was Magic Milk Shakes from the Hillbilly Housewife website. They tasted remarkably like a Frosty from Wendy’s and we would have them a few times a week as a snack or dessert. But with the ingredient list (powdered milk, vegetable oil, vegetable spray) they needed to be reworked in order to fit into our ‘new’ style of eating. My little Lulu was broken hearted over the idea of not having her favorite shakes so she became our Official Milk Shake Maker and took on the task of tweaking the recipe (I helped a little but it was mostly Lulu).

The milkshakes that we now enjoy have eliminated those questionable ingredients and embraced healthier choices. The flavor is wonderful and makes for a very nice treat.

Milk Shake Magic

1 1/2 cups dairy kefir
1 1/2 cups raw milk
1/3- 2/3 cup Sucanat (or other natural sweetener)
1/4 cup baking cocoa
1 teaspoon vanilla
3 Tablespoons coconut oil (melted if solid at room temperature)
1-2 trays of ice cubes

Put everything but the coconut oil and ice in the blender. Turn on blender to mix it all together. With blender running, add the coconut oil. When mixed, add the ice cubes a few at a time until shake has reached the consistency you desire.

We tend to use two full trays of ice to make a very thick shake that needs to be eaten with a spoon. This makes a full blender which provides us with four generous servings and usually seconds for the shake maker 🙂

If you have not yet started making dairy kefir (here is a great article on dairy kefir) you can use milk instead and go with the lesser amount of sugar.

The coconut oil is an essential ingredient. It helps the shake emulsify properly and makes it creamier. Plus as a healthy fat, coconut oil is very good for you and can even help with weight loss (read about a few of the benefits here).

If you are looking for a simple and wonderful snack or dessert this just may be it.

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Millie Copper
Millie Copper is a Wyoming wife and mama. After reading Nourishing Traditions in early 2009, her family began transforming their diet to whole, unprocessed, nutrient dense foods—a little at a time while stretching their food dollars. Millie is passionate to share how, with a little creativity, anyone can transition to a real foods diet without overwhelming their food budget. Millie began blogging in late 2009 and has amassed a collection of frugal recipes and methods. Her specialties include cooking with wild game and creating “Stretchy Beans”. Discovering a love of writing, she has penned four books focusing on healthy eating on a budget and is trying her hand at fiction writing. Learn more at


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    Absolutely! I don’t care for the combination of chocolate and mint so I wouldn’t have thought about that variation 🙂

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      Sounds wonderful! I haven’t tried using Stevia yet. The conversion factor has been holding me back. How much would you use in something like this?

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