Menu Week of June 20

So… it’s Tuesday and I am finally getting around to my meal plan for the week. Sunday was just very busy and Monday I had internet issues and today I have computer issues. Now I’m on my daughters computer and we are having a rain storm. I figured now is a good time to briefly post my menu.

B- Eggs for Christopher and Muffins for everyone else
L- Burgers
D- Leg of Lamb, baked potatoes with Creme Fresh, sauerkraut

B- Eggs and toast
D- Beef Stir-Fry Stew (from Nourishing Traditions), Brown rice

To do: take meat out of freezer for tomorrow

B- Eggs and Toast
D- Hamburger Skillet Dish

To do: PM- start pancakes, soak almonds (for crispy nuts), start bread

B- Sourdough Pancakes
D- Lamb stew (from leftover leg of lamb), sourdough rolls

To do: make yogurt, dehydrate nuts, take meat out of freezer

B- Eggs and toast
D- Venison tips (crock pot) over Kamut noodles

AM- start noodles, crock pot

B- Yogurt parfait
D- Leftovers at home and then Game Night with our church (with snacks there)

B- Oatmeal pancakes
D- Salmon Patties, rice, salad, sauerkraut


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