Menu Week of November 10

Black BeansSunday afternoon I had a little time to myself. Joe and Christopher went in to town to do a couple of errands and pick up Lulu from a friend’s. Kiki was at work. It is quite rare for me to have the entire house to myself. I took advantage of it by watching a show on YouTube that I’d been wanting to see. National Geographic recently aired American Blackout. We don’t have cable/satellite but my I found out on a friend’s Facebook page that it was available on YouTube. It was interesting but I did think that it was a bit of a ‘formula’ style program. And they certainly did tie it all up with a neat little bow at the end.

After watching that, I decided that I’d check out Netflix and see what they had to offer. We’ve had a Netflix streaming account forever (or so it seems) but I rarely take time to watch anything on it (the children enjoy it daily). Extreme Cheapskates was suggested to me by Netflix and I have to say they were right on with that suggestion. Joe was home by that time and even watched a bit of it with me. Some of the things that people did that their friends/acquaintances found too extreme are things we already do or are learning to do. There was a guy who makes a point of eating ‘weird things’, like organ meats, since they are so cheap. And a few people who forage for wild edibles. Maybe a few years ago I would have found that odd but now it seems normal (and smart) to me. Watching a couple of episodes led to a great discussion between Joe and I during milking time this morning about the things we can do to tighten our belt. It seems we do really well for a long time and then we start having slow leaks in our budget that grow and grow. It’s definitely time for a budget reboot at our house. We’re working hard to be 100% debt free and build up our new 20 acre off-grid homestead for cash. We can’t afford slow leaks in the budget with those lofty goals.

This week’s menu plan features beef roast, black beans and chicken. I cooked a beautiful roast that a friend gave us in the crock pot over the weekend. It made sandwiches for Sunday night and will be part of Tuesday’s stuffed burritos. It was a bone in roast so the bone went back in the crock pot to become broth. I put black beans to soak yesterday and they will soon be drained and put in the crock pot with the beef broth for tonight’s supper. As always, I made a large batch of beans, so not only will we have them tonight, they will be a component in Tuesday’s supper (along with the beef) and the star of Thursday’s supper in a creamy black bean soup based on a recipe in Nourishing Traditions. On Wednesday I’ll put a chicken in the crock pot for that night. The rest of the chicken will be set aside for Friday night and Saturday night.

Menu Plan

Sunday- Roast beef sandwiches, pickles
Monday- Black beans, rice, winter squash, broccoli
Tuesday- Stuffed burritos
Wednesday- Crock pot chicken, mashed potatoes, sauteed greens
Thursday- Black bean soup, corn bread
Friday- Chicken pot pie, beet salad
Saturday- Lentils,vegetables, chicken and dumplings


What’s on your menu this week?


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2 comments to Menu Week of November 10

  • OK I would love the Creamy Black Bean Soup recipe … tired of my same plain one over and over 🙂

    • Millie

      Hi Rosa,
      I’ll try to put a post together on the soup within the next week. Hopefully, I can get a decent picture of it. Black beans aren’t very photogenic. 😉 I’ve adapted it from a black bean soup recipe in Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. It is really quite good. Even my adult daughter who is ‘iffy’ on beans likes it.

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